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My Mission & Success Story.
If I achieved this you can do it too!
Brunereau Laura @luxefashionblog

Welcome to my FASHION & LUXURY BLOG.

I am Laura Brunereau, fashion blogger, businesswoman, Pinterest expert, online marketer & digital nomad.

I own and lead two fashion online companies, which I manage from anywhere I want around the globe. Love everything with positivity, trends, travel, cooking and online business growth.

My two Pinterest accounts are among the biggest accounts in the planet, with over 60 MILLION organic monthly pin impressions combined. 

 @LuxeFashionBlog & @RivieraCoco

Having achieved financial freedom by myself and a lovely balanced lifestyle, I am now sharing and teaching with others how to achieve the same results in the fashion field, eCommerce, branding and Pinterest growth. 

My mission is to empower boss girls around the world. Helping ladies project a strong brand image, create amazing outfits and gain financial freedom. Sharing my Pinterest knowledge, fashion experience & tools for online business growth. And why not, own like I do, some of the biggest Pinterest accounts in the globe!

"Let's make a real positive impact Ladies!"

Laura Brunereau Luxe Fashion Blog

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Laura Burnereau @LuxeFashionBlog

My Dream Project

As business woman in the fashion industry and business owner, I am pleased to empower other women via my love for fashion, showing them how to make the most of their Pinterest branding, build a solid self-esteem and by helping them grow as boss ladies.

The message I project is that every woman should trust her capacity to achieve her dreams, by constantly improving her skills and working the smart way. You can achieve everything you desire. If I did it you can too!

I was recently invited to become an exclusive LIKE TO KNOW IT influencer! What a big achievement. I am very proud of this. You can visit my two profiles @LuxeFashionBlog and @BrunereauLaura. Make sure you follow me there for tons of fashion trends and outfit inspiration. 


I founded @BrunereauMedia, my branding agency where I build my customer’s perfect brand image via blogs, social media and search engines presence, building their websites, running ad campaigns and skyrocketing their Pinterest presence! Yes… I didn’t mentioned before that I have two of the BIGGEST Pinterest accounts in the world

Pinterest is my big thing! After lots of work I found the ideal mix of strategies to generate hundreds of thousands of organic pin impressions PER DAY. @RivieraCoco generates over 8+ MILLION monthly unique viewers and keeps growing. Follow me on Pinterest to get your “Daily dose of Summer” all year long.

You think this is fantastic? Well @LuxeFashionBlog account is doing even better! I have over 11+ MILLION monthly unique viewers and one MILLION daily pin impressions. Crazy right? My blog became VIRAL. So proud of this gigantic achievement. Follow me on Pinterest for “Daily Outfit & Trends Inspiration”.


You want me to help you grow your Pinterest too? Contact me, I will be pleased to help. 👉🏻 @BrunereauMedia



"Be that girl who decided to go for it!"