25 Love For Fashion Quotes Every Fashionista Should Know

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Here we are again on a new LOVE FOR FASHION post. I want to start this blog by thanking you because my two past blogs with this style of quotes became totally VIRAL! We reached with these quotes, only in ONE WEEK, 131,220 views, 4,115 closeups, and 241 saves in the last 7 days! AMAZING results! Thank you for […]

Women’s Empowerment Words For A Positive Mindset

  Now more than ever amazing woman around the globe are taking their places into the professional spheres. We are FINALLY understanding we have a lot to share with the world and bring highly valuable knowledge to society.  I am part of this proud generation of empowered woman and digital nomads. As entrepreneur who is already succeeding and living […]

15 Positive Things You Should Be Telling Yourself | Luxe Fashion Blog

  It’s time to give you some love, lots of love! In this fast moving world, we are always trying our best to accomplish multiple things at the time. We are constantly working on becoming a better mom, a better wife-girl friend, business woman, daughter, etc… We try to please so many people and take […]

Girl Boss Affirmations For A Positive Lifestyle

 Women’s empowerment is key to increasing self-esteem, regaining dignity as human beings and improving the situation of women around the world. And you know I love to write about that!   Everyone has their own mindset, molded by culture, education level, country, family, religion and a bunch of other factors. Society tells us from the beginning what […]

20 Self-Care Ideas & Habits to Reach Success

  In this post I bring you the habits that are the most common activities among rich and successful people. Have you asked yourself a thousand times why there are people who seem to be luckier, or who have certain characteristics that make them rich or lucky in life? Sometimes we think that we could never become like […]

25 Woman Empowerment Quotes Every Woman Should Read

Let’s empower each other, Awesome Boss Ladies! Today’s quotes are about a topic in which I believe a lot: Women’s Empowerment. I’mLaura, Luxe Fashion Blog’s host and founder. Welcome to another dose of daily motivation, from a girl boss to another amazing woman discovering her superpowers.  Follow me on Instagram @brunereaulaura & @luxefashionblog!  Before we start, if you like the […]

How To Make This Your Most Successful Year Yet

Today I want to start this post with a question: How do I reach success? If you are reading this post, maybe it is because you are at a turning point in your life.  You need to change something that helps you reach your goals and objectives.Maybe you feel lost and don’t see where to go. Maybe […]

20 Inspirational Yoga Quotes For A Happier Life & Mindfulness

20 positive yoga quotes to motivate you to practice mindfulness. You can read them every morning, from Monday to Sunday start practicing gratitude and living the TODAY moment. Restorative moments like these can heel your soul and body, bringing you the clarity you need to start your day with the correct motivational alignment.

35 Self Discovery Top Questions You Should Ask Yourself

  Are you on the right path?    Hello everyone! In today’s post, I have some very important questions for you… You know… the kind of questions we ask ourselves to understand who we are and what we want from our lives. There are key questions you should be asking yourself or your loved ones. The answers […]