Now more than ever amazing woman around the globe are taking their places into the professional spheres. We are FINALLY understanding we have a lot to share with the world and bring highly valuable knowledge to society. 
I am part of this proud generation of empowered woman and digital nomads. As entrepreneur who is already succeeding and living my dream life it is my DUTY to help you girls grow too. I dream about seeing more successful ladies, creating, innovating and making their dreams come true. Together we are stronger!
I created for you new beautiful GIRL BOSS AFFIRMATIONS, to remind you how much you can accomplish and how great you are.  Share them with your friends and family, empower other women around you and be part of this movement of successful ladies helping others grow. 
Believe in you darling, because I know you can achieve what you want. If we can see it in you the next step is YOU seeing it in yourself. Connect with your inner being and let it guide you through the right path for you. Read these success affirmations for a happy life and professional growth. Repeat every day these affirmations and all others I have created for you in my viral Pinterest account @LuxeFashionBlog

Dream, Plan, Succeed, Grow, Learn, Teach & Share.  

 These affirmations will not only lead you to be a successful person, but it will also help you to fully enjoy your life.

 It is my pleasure to help you grow and remind you that you can do this girl!


Share My New Affirmations

*Specially made for Girl Bosses around the globe.*

Girl, don’t be afraid of failing. Be afraid of now growing. 


I openly talk about my vision and ideas, to attract a tribe who shares my dreams.


Everything I want is on the other side of consistency.


I gracefully let go what no longer serves me.


I am focused on self-growth, business growth & inner alignment.


Whatever I want I can get. Period. Manifest that shit girl.


It does not matter who you lose in the process as long as I don’t lose myself.


I am teaching other people how positively they should treat me.


I get in touch with my goals and dreams, not with toxic people.


Just remember their opinion won’t pay your bills.


Today I decided to evolve past my comfort zone.


I am ready to step into the version of myself I can’t stop dreaming about.


I am absolutely obsessed with getting my life together.


I F*cking love the women I am becoming!

So, are you ready to change some habits in your life

and implement new practices to become successful?


Darling, leave me a comment and tell me if you liked these posts.

Share with me new quotes ideas and I will include them in our next publication and create new visuals with them.

It's always a pleasure writing for you!


My lovely fashionistas it is always a pleasure writing for you!
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