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It’s time to give you some love,

lots of love!

In this fast moving world, we are always trying our best to accomplish multiple things at the time. We are constantly working on becoming a better mom, a better wife-girl friend, business woman, daughter, etc… We try to please so many people and take care of others the best we can.
But… what about us?
Do we forget to congratulate ourselves for how amazing we are?

 This colourful blog post is a gift for you. Writing self love quotes are my favourite, and the prettier the better. 

I want you to take a deep breath, and thank yourself for the amazing woman you are. Take some minutes to pamper yourself wherever you are reading these inspiring quotes as a gift to yourself for being such warrior, a strong woman, a boss lady that have accomplished a lot and will do even better in the future.
Look back and see how far you have gone, how many smaller and bigger successes you have got. How have you improved your life in the last 10 years? Do you take time to appreciate what you have accomplished? You are the living proof of how life is worth living and the more you take care of yourself, your mindset and your body the brighter and happier your future will be.
Shine bright darling, savour these inspiring quotes for strong woman. Share these 15 positive things you should be telling yourself and make others improve their lives. Enjoy the moment and use it to remember how much happiness and wellbeing you deserve.

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You are capable of amazing things.


You are valued.


You have so much to offer.


You are allowed to take up space.


You are loved more than you know.


You are capable of reaching your goals.


You can change anything in your life that you don’t like.


You deserve the best. Go get it!


You can overcome all fears stopping you to move forward.


You can let go!


You go girl! 


You are exactly where you need to be.


Darling you can do this!


Girl, don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits!


You are serious about changing your life.

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