34 Women’s White Sneakers Outfit Ideas for Spring


Hi Fashion Lovers! 

I’ve selected the best looks with white women’s sneakers and yes, they’re as beautiful as you think. 

These shoes are more fashionable than ever and queens of street style and fashion bloggers know it.


That’s why I’ve selected the best casual looks with white sneakers for spring, all fashionable and comfy.  


So, If you want to look great with a pair of ripped jeans and a comfortable pair of white shoes at your feet, browse the gallery to find out how to match white sneakers thanks to these 34 street-proof outfits… feel free to copy them all! 😉 And pin them on your Pinterest account using the red icon on every pic.


I’ll show you some pairs of shoes that perfectly match the outfits in the pictures in case you fall in love with some of them… and I’m sure you will 😘



Let's Start With The Outfits!

1. Animal print, always

I love the animal print with white sneakers! A dress, a skirt, or a t-shirt and denim: animal print is a sure hit at any occasion.


white sneakers outfits

2. Black, denim and white sneakers

A denim jacket or shorts with something black, like leather pants or leggings, and our beloved white sneakers, better

3. A cute spring dress or Maxi Dresses

Spring dresses can be super elegant with a pair of heels and turn into a cute casual outfit with a pair of white sneakers. 

These outfits are proof: 

4. Glen Plaid Trousers 

Usually used for formal outfits, try these pants with withe sneakers: you’re gonna love it! Is the perfect compromise between formal and casual and it’s super trendy! 

5. Midi Skirt 

This is one of my favourite looks. Who can resist a midi skirt and a lovely sweater or t-shirt? It’s a super cute and trendy outfit that looks good on everyone. 

6. White Shirt & Jeans 


Girls, this is a must: jeans with a white t-shirt is a simple look that never goes out of fashion, super sexy, casual with style and brings you the perfect comfort you need to go though your day.  

white sneakers outfits

7. Denim Skirt 


 90’s vibes: denim skirts are not that popular, but I like them with white sneakers for a casual and very romantic style. 


8. Long tight dress 

Sexy is the word. But we can also define this outfit as comfy and practical. For this kind of outfit, choose a more “chunky” shoes. Adidas superstar are always a good choice 😉


9. With everything you like!

To be honest, white sneakers look amazing with everything!

Use them to turn a formal outfit into a more casual one, or to give your look a “rock” vibe or use them with leggings for a cute casual style.  


And that’s it for today. I hope you loved these outfits as much as I did. I think they are cute, fashionable and comfy at the same time. Perfect for travelling the world, taking the plane, visiting a new city or simply to feel comfy and fabulous wherever you are.

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In love with white sneakers!


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