Amethyst Crystal – Stone Details, Magic Ritual and Mystic Properties


✩ Chakra:  Third Eye, Crown

✩ Color:  Pale lilac to deep grape purple 

✩ Element:  Air

✩ Planet:   Jupiter

✩ Zodiac Signs:  Aquarius, excellent also for Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius & Capricorn

✩ Vibration:  3. Amethyst crystal emits an inherent wavelength of 32,876 KHz. The waves of this frequency enhance the vital activities.

✩ Magic Ritual & Affirmations: See list down below ⬇

Mystic Properties:

If you are looking to find some balance in your life and spiritual energy amethyst is your go to stone. Fantastic for energy protection, stress reduction and mood regulation, this beautiful purple crystal will bring you the extra balance you are craving for. Helps you focus and get extra concentration and enhances your memory. 

It’s a third-eye crystal that embodies the energy of the violet flame (7th chakra). Spiritually, it provides clarity and connection with your higher self. With its soothing, purple hue ranging from gentle lilac to deep grape, amethyst is one of the most popular stones of the crystal kingdom. Amethyst is one of the staples of a well-rounded energetic first aid kit. Most popular and renowned among the spiritual healing stones for it’s metaphysical properties.


Stress or Anxiety? This crystal is one of the strongest allies for relaxation and stress relief that eases anxiety, encourages calm and helps chill out your nervous system and get better, nightmare-free sleep, alleviates nightmares and insomnia.  

This powerhouse stone directly cleanses the aura, and supports decisions that promote mental clarity, balance, and tranquility.  If you’ve been struggling to make positive, healthy changes in your life, or making decisions use this stone to find your center and trust in your true purpose. Helps you break bad habits and toxic cycles.

Wanna access and strengthen your intuition? Amethyst guides us to our deep inner-knowing and helps us trust our intuition and spiritual alignment. At times when you might feel overwhelmed by life’s inconsistencies, turn to this stone for comfort. 

Use this crystal during meditation to achieve a deeper connection, or even by your night stand to promote deep rest, simulating restful sleep and peaceful dreaming. Under the pillow it helps provide lucid dreams and balances your energy while sleeping, waking up full of positive energy. This stone increases receptivity to receive divine wisdom and guidance.

Its name comes from the ancient Greek word amethustos, meaning sober, and many of its properties are said to have a strong “sobering” effect–both in the literal sense of preventing intoxication, and the metaphorical sense of thinking clearly and freely, without influence. Being also a great stone for artists, musicians, and creators thanks to its ability to enhance creativity.

Magic Ritual:

A Short Meditation Using Amethyst Quartz To Boost Connection With Higher Realms.

Find a calm place and get comfortable, choose either a sitting or lying down position.
Place your amethyst over third eye chakra (forehead) to access intuition.
Visualise yourself on a calm island by the beach, into a beautiful calm starry night. The weather is soft and warm and the perfect breeze caresses your skin.
Imagine now a group of stars that start sprinkling purple and white shining dust. This cosmic dust is filled with positive healing energy coming from higher realms, and it’s travelling straight to you.
These sprinkles of energy start forming a pillar of light that connects with your 7th chakra, illuminating the top of your head.
You instantly start to feel this powerful delicious energy flowing through your body, from the top of your head, through your neck, into your arms, illuminating each and every chakra and finally arriving to the tip of your toes.
You are now connected with the higher realms and your intuition. Your body vibrates with positivity, confidence and you know all decisions you make will be perfect for you.
Repeat one or many of the following affirmations during your energizing ritual (see below).
Take a moment now to say one or multiple of the positive affirmations below, even try to create your own. Decree your life will flow with ease and you are filled with inner power.
When you are ready, start coming back to the island and then to the place you physically are. Awakening from this meditation filled with joy, calm, strong and filled with cosmic energy.
Repeat this meditation whenever you need calm, guidance and power.


✩ I open my heart and soul to receive guidance and clarity from my spirit guides.

✩ I am opening my intuition and receptivity, making decisions that are truly aligned with my life purpose.

✩ I am calm and grounded in the present moment, and I control my mood, my feelings and I fill myself with positive energy. 

✩ I have the power to face any challenge with calm, clarity and with an elevated level of positive energy.

✩ I am open and ready to take control of my dreams, knowing in my sleep that I can create anything I desire during lucid dreaming.

✩ I open the energy flow of my 7th chakra, I invoke connection to higher realms.

“Love Yourself Darling And Release The Magic Inside You!”

With Magical Love,


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