Clear Quartz Crystal – Stone Details, Magic Ritual and Mystic Properties


✩ Chakra: All Chakras, especially stimulating to Crown

✩ Element: All

✩ Planet: Sun

✩ Zodiac Signs: All, especially LEO

✩ Vibration: Number 4

✩ Magic Ritual & Affirmations: See list down below ⬇

Mystic Properties:

Clear Quartz is the most powerful healer, and the most versatile of all stones. It brings energy into the most perfect state possible. It’s the gateway crystal for everybody starting their journeys with healing stones. It purifies and filters energy. Crystal quartz elevates energy to all levels of being. 

Considered by many as the supreme gift of Mother Earth, so it’s probably worth stocking up on one (or many). It is the stone of peace, protection and meditation, and provides positive thoughts. 

Clear quartz is amplifying and clarifying energy, helping you to focus and activate manifestation. Generates pure energy that amplifies your light and empowers you. It can reach the aura and cleanse it of harmful waves because crystal quartz is able to absorb, release, regulate and unblock energy.

 It’s capable of cleaning and activating all seven chakras of the body, mainly the crown or seventh chakra.
It also amplifies the effects of other surrounding stones, as well as any intentions. For these reasons, quartz can be used to attune to your higher self, or whenever additional light, focus, and clarity are needed. Clear quartz has the ability to collect, accumulate and transmute cosmic energy. It also calls in intellectual clarity and improves concentration and memory. It reinforces the spiritual capacity, brings peace and tranquility to the home and relationships.
Considered a lucky zodiac stone for all, including all Chinese zodiac too. 

Magic Ritual:

Hold the stone in your hand, breathe deeply and pass the stone over every chakra from root to crown.
Imagine you release blocked energy and feel the flow of clean, powerful and fresh white energy coming from the universe into your body. Visualize all the particles of sparking energy activating each and every chakra of your body, feeling renewed, activated and filled with light.
Repeat one or many of the following affirmations during your energizing ritual.


☆ I fill my mind and soul with clarity to take perfect decisions and manifest my desires.
☆ I am filled with light, I am focused and my direction is clear.
☆ I inject positivism to my life, amplifying love and activating the divine energy in me.
☆ I welcome positivity, I release all negative vibrations, I am filled with pure light.  

“Love Yourself Darling And Release The Magic Inside You!”

With Magical Love,


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