Rose Quartz Pink Crystal – Stone Details, Magic Ritual and Mystic Properties


✩ Chakra: Heart

✩ Element: Earth

✩ Planet: Venus

✩ Zodiac Signs: Taurus birthstone, excellent stone for Scorpio, Libra & Capricorn.

✩ Vibration: 7. Rose quartz emits an inherent wavelength of 350 harmonic hertz. When we bring this crystal into the proximity of our physical being, our atoms entrain to the higher frequency.

✩ Magic Ritual & Affirmations: See list down below ⬇

Mystic Properties:

Let’s talk about JOY and LOVE!

Need to heal any painful emotional wounds? 

You want to invite love to your life?


Well, you need to have at least one lovely rose quartz crystal (the more the best). Become truly loving and live from your heart.

Known as the universal stone of joy, love and compassion. Ideal for beginners, pink quartz is the perfect companion for inviting love, romance, passion, and beauty into one’s life. Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love, self-esteem, and self-worth. It provides comfort and fosters compassion, tenderness, and empathy. Use Rose Quartz to stimulate, open and balance your heart chakra.

A common stone in love spells and friendship magic, it evokes the warm, generous energy that great relationships build themselves on. It’s the most popular stone for heart chakra meditations, energy bath rituals, or as an altar adornment to Venus. This stone expresses femininity, unconditional love and due to its color, it serves as a calming agent in moments of anger.

Time to open your heart with rose quartz. This adorable pink stone guides you towards forgiveness, empowering you with love and helping you release any negative energies you have accumulated against someone or even against yourself.

This crystal is ideal for anyone wanting to reach emotional healing. This mineral is in charge of extracting negative energies and replacing them with positive ones due to the effect of their vibration. Making it ideal to heal relationship problems.

This sweet stone increases your ability to both give and receive love. It’s a crystal for love rituals, for letting go, for dispelling fear, resentment, and jealousy. Release all the negativity and open the door to higher vibrations.

Considered an amazing healer because it releases the pain and unexpressed emotions, relieving internal pain and healing deficiencies. It facilitates forgiveness and comforts sorrows when a love has been lost. Its healing properties are reflected by increasing and improving self-esteem and acceptance. 

"If you’re looking to enhance all forms of love in your life, release old emotional wounds, stimulate forgiveness, and embrace your inner goddess, this is the stone for you!"

Magic Ritual:

A Spell Using Rose Quartz To Boost Confidence


In need of a confidence boost?

Try this magic ritual using rose quartz to feel instant confidence.

Start by holding your pink quartz in your hands. Close your eyes and remember a moment or event where you have been very confident in the past. Feel this confidence energy and send it to the stone you are holding. This stone emanates a powerful healing vibration that sends love and positivity throughout time and space.

Feel how the confidence energy gets boosted and starts flowing around all your body, from head to toe. Expand this energy from your heart to all your chakras and then expand it even more, sending it into the universe through your head and to the earth through your feet.

Charge the cleansed rose quartz with a positive affirmation (find more affirmations below), for example, “Since now on I am a strong confident person, worthy of love, success and abundance. Universal energy of love and empowerment flows through my body, boosting my confidence and attracting all positive energy into my existence”.

Carry the stone with you and whenever you feel like you need a boost of confidence, touch the crystal and imagine it sending you a powerful wave of confidence and positive energy.


"Once you recognize and feel pure love within you and confidence, this pure love energy is what those around you feel and see and most importantly what they react to."


✩ I connect with the purest love that lives within me.

✩ I am open to receiving the love I deserve. I am the best loving version of myself, attracting the perfect love match to my life.

✩ I release and expand powerful healing vibrations, my body heals, my mind heals and my soul if full of love, kindness, confidence and pure joy.

✩ I forgive you…(name of the person)… but most importantly, I forgive myself for …(name what you forgive). It’s all in the past, I release these emotional wounds and let negative energies go. 

✩ I expand the energy of my heart chakra, opening the flux of positive energy moving through my body, mind and soul.

“Love Yourself Darling And Release The Magic Inside You!”

With Magical Love,


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