Curvy 8 Body Type – Discover Your Ideal Swimsuits ! *The Bikini Silhouette Guide *

You have a really sexy curvy silhouette with rounded hips and bust. As the hourglass your waist is defined, but you have rounder shapes. Depending on your style you can either want to accentuate your curves or divert attention from them. The key is to draw the eyes to your neckline, choosing tops with great support that add value to your bust. Read All the tips For The Perfect Riviera Coco Swimsuit!

APPLE O Body Type – Discover Your Ideal Swimsuits ! *The Bikini Silhouette Guide *

IF YOU’RE AN APPLE – O Shape Juliette, fashion stylist recommends: “The trick is to draw attention away from the center of your body. Remember, the perfect bathing suit will make people notice your assets. Focus needs to be on your breasts and skinny legs. Choose details near your chest or neck to get this effect. Feel confident and look fabulous!” Read all our TIPS TO PICK YOUR PERFECT RIVIERA COCO SWIMSUIT!

HOURGLASS X Body Type – Discover Your Ideal Swimsuits ! *The Bikini Silhouette Guide*

You lucky girl! You have the shape most women desire.
Hourglass is a well-balanced figure. You have proportioned chest and hips with the waistline as their narrowest measurement. Always keep in mind to maintain the balance and do not be afraid to show some skin. Feel free to try swimsuits with cut-outs to show off your sexy curves! Let’s discover Together Your Ideal Swimsuit Styles!

12 Bikini Bottom Types & Which One To Pick For You

In today’s post, we will be knowing more about bikinis. In the last blogs we talked about all swimwear styles, the hidden story behind bikinis, discovered all bikini top designs, and we will complete this series with all bottom types.

Get ready to discover what pretty bikini bottoms fit you best.

Types of Bikini Tops & Which One Suits Your Bust

Today’s post analyzes the most popular types of bikini tops and which one suits your bust for different activities. At Riviera Coco we curate all the dreamiest travel, bikinis & vacation inspirational material out there, to make you feel on a summer escape all year long. Let’s start with this educational blog.