TRIANGLE A Body Type – Discover Your Ideal Swimsuits ! *The Bikini Silhouette Guide*

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We want to help every woman feel amazing finding the swimsuits that best fit their figure and enhance the best of them!"

Read this blog to learn how swimsuit should fit you, get confident and enjoy swimsuit shopping!  We identified 6 body types. We will make one blog post for each and every silhouette. Read our “Bikini Body Type”  useful tips to identify your dream bikini.


You’re pear-shaped, your hips are larger than your bust, so most of your weight is concentrated at the bottom. You probably have a defined waist and slim arms and shoulders.

YOUR GOAL: Balance your heavier bottom & give more curves to your upper body.


  •  Your shoulder line is delicate and shorter than your hips
    • You usually have a small bust
    • Thin arms
    • Rounded hips and curvy bottom
    • Usually have a narrow waistline


Riviera Coco’s fashion expert Rachel says:
“Here is the fun part, deep V necklines look awesome
on your body type! Accentuate your upper body with
an eye-catching top, pick the sexy tops that girls with
bigger breast dream to use.”



The key to the perfect swimsuit is balancing your proportions and getting the coverage you need for your bottom half. 

  • Choose a bikini top with prints, bright colors or ruffles that draw the eyes upward. Play with fun designs on your upper body and stay sober on the bottom part.
  • Keep the lower body free from any side details like tassels or strings, which can draw more attention to your hips.
  • Privilege darker colors, vertical lines, and plain color prints.
  • Choose low necklines and halter suits that tie at the neck to draw the eye upwards
  • Choose a padded or push-up top to balance your lower half
  • Wider straps tops with patterns, ruffles, lighter or bright colors
  • Tops with knots or scalloped patterns will provide volume to
    your chest
  • Moderate to full coverage bottoms
  • High waist with darker colors
  • Avoid boy short style and thick banded bottoms, the extra fabric
    will get the attention of what you want to mask. Scoop or high-cut legs. Bottoms that are too horizontal in cut or have too much coverage will make your bottom look larger



The trend that fits you well, is the sexy cute off-the-shoulder tops this ruffled style elongates your shoulder line and complement your curvy hips. Use this flirty trend at your advantage!

  • Busts and lighter colors on top
  • Choose a higher-cut leg to reduce the visual width of your hips.
  • Select tops with underwire and padding to enhance the effect.
  • You can totally try deep V necks to get a sexy look!

Make heads turn by the beach with these suits!


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