12 Bikini Bottom Types & Which One To Pick For You

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In today’s post, we will be knowing more about bikinis. In the last blogs we talked about all swimwear styles, the hidden story behind bikinis, discovered all bikini top designs, and we will complete this series with all bottom types. If you are like me and just not get the difference between a cheeky and a brazilian cut, or g-string and thong, well; today I demystify this once and for all. 

Get ready to discover what pretty bikini bottoms fit you best.


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Let’s start!

#1 Cheeky-Cut

You want to show some buttocks? If all the squats you have been doing paid out, this bottom cut is for you. This bikini bottom style owns up to its name. A cheeky bikini bottom has a V shape cut. This style provides slightly less coverage than a regular bikini bottom showing more of your buttocks. It makes your legs seem longer and show some skin.

It instantly gives you a flirty look!

⬇️Model is wearing SAO PAULO pink cheeky bikini.

#2 Brazilian

Over the years this has been labelled as the sexiest bikini bottom. The back of a brazilian has higher cut outs showing off your bum, showing more skin than a cheeky. This cut has more like a Y shape instead of a V from a cheeky style. Hope this clarifies the difference. No worries pictures are coming. 

It often has a low cut so it falls below your hips. A style for those who have been rocking those squats and want to show off the hard work. They are meant to flatter your figure and help to add shape for bottoms of all sizes.

⬇️Model is wearing MARSEILLE red flounces brazilian cut bikini.

#3 High-Waisted

The retro-glam has been trendy for three summer seasons in a row. Generally, these bottoms hit right at, above, or below the belly button.

This style is super cute on some and not so flattering on others. In my experience, it benefits silhouettes with longer torsos because it visually shortens your body but those with less buttocks coverage elongate the legs. 

One of the main benefits is that the high waist bottom covers your tummy and creates a clearer waist line. They are not too good for tanning, but super comfy letting you move around freely.

⬇️Model is wearing BRISBANE off shoulder high waist bikini.

#4 Side-Tie 

Without any doubt the most adjustable and versatile swimsuit bottom of all, it has strings that tie at the sides. This bikini bottom has straps on the side, making it easy to fit. 

Another big benefit is that you can easily untie it while sunbathing. For those moments when you want to tan, just adjust it and you will get less tan lines! However it is not that suitable for those who want to engage in wavy beach activities.

If you are planning to purchase your swimwear on the Internet, these styles are just perfect. The side strings allow you to perfectly tie the bikini to your own size.

⬇️Model is wearing PANAMA halter side-tie bikini.

#5 Boyshort

As the name says, these are shorts made with bikini fabric, and it gives a lot of coverage. The length varies and basically, these look like shorts that hit just below the curve of one’s butt cheeks. You have probably seen them on beach volleyball matches, since they are great for sporty activities like water polo. 

Choose this style if you are planning to do something more active.

#6 Scoop Bikini

This term refers to bottoms that are lower in the centre and higher above the legs, with a frontal V shape. The scoop can be subtle or more extreme, like the ones from ’90s-inspired looks. 

The back of this bottom can vary on coverage, just the front remains lover in the middle.

⬇️Model is wearing BORA BORA braided cheeky bikini.

#7 Full-Coverage and Moderate Coverage

If you desire enough coverage in the back, you can choose between a full or moderate sizes. This bottom looks like a regular panties slip. It is broader near the hips and provides more protection.

If modesty is your priority in a two-piece, this is the style of bottoms you’d most likely want to get.

It is a real classic and can suit everyone.

⬇️Model is wearing HOLLYWOOD neon color block bikini.

#8 Ruched

This refers to a little detail in the centre of many swimsuit bottoms that helps create a bubble-butt illusion, enhancing your bootie’s curves. It can be found in all types of two pieces, from thongs to full coverage.

It is a useful feature if you desire to appear like having a bigger but cheeks.

⬇️Model is wearing PARAISO BEACH tropical pink ruched bikini.

#9 Thong Bikini 

Usually confused with G-String, thong is slightly different from it in terms of the thicker fabric that it uses for the buttocks. It’s not a string-like fabric, it has a wider amount of fabric on a T shape, but regardless, thongs still disappear between your butt cheeks. 

Bikini thongs look the same as underwear thongs and provide little coverage, and are perfect for those who want to show off. One of the main benefits is that you get minimal tan lines and you look extremely sexy. They do require some amount of confidence as you display your complete bootie.

⬇️Model is wearing NEWPORT BEACH high-cut thong bikini.

#10 G-string 

As the name specifies this style has a tiny fabric line in the back side, that disappears inside the cleavage of your butt cheeks. A G-string is an early version of the Brazilian, made with the most minimal amount of material for the entire bikini bottom. 

The band is also made of a thin string of swimsuit fabric, while the only solid part is the small triangle in front of the bikini. 

As the thong style, this is perfect for tanning, and are for confident ladies who desire to show off their complete bootie.

⬇️Model is wearing  ST-FLORENT dots g-string bikini.

#11 High-Cut

A high-cut bottom is made to elongate the lower half of your body. This style goes higher on  and holds on your upper hips, showing the skin on the sides of your legs. This ’80s- and ’90s-style cut typically sits above the hip bone. 

Because of the shape they usually include a small amount of fabric on the back to cover your bootie. 

Wear them with heels to make your legs look even longer.

⬇️Model is wearing JAMAICA textured thong sexy bikini.

#12 Fold-Over

This bottom is perfect for those with no waistline, as it provides extra volume on the hips, making the illusion of a thinner waist. It covers the tummy and is also suitable to camouflage the love handles on the sides of your body. 

This fold over bottom can be worn a regular low cut when folded, or high waist if you unfold it. If you are moving a lot under water or it is wavy, this style can unfold easily, but you will look perfect outside the water.

A versatile suit with lots of benefits.

⬇️Model is wearing BONDI BEACH fold-over full coverage bikini.

I hope this new blog post clarifies some of the differences between all bikini bottoms and you found the perfect ones for you.

The majority of these styles can be present on two or one-piece swimsuits. 

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