Types of Bikini Tops & Which One Suits Your Bust

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In the previous blogs, we have been discovering all swimwear kinds, demystifying some confusions between them and learning the real story behind bikinis. As promised, the next two posts will still be about bikinis. We will be talking of all two-piece suits tops and bottoms and you will better understand how to choose the right beachwear for your body type. 

Today’s post analyzes the most popular types of bikini tops and which one suits your bust for different activities.

Let’s start with this kind of educational blog and, of course, I will add cute bikinis for you to feel real love at first sight. 



#1 The Halter Top

We all know this style! This is the classic bikini top. Halter refers to the type of top that is tied behind the neck. Whether it’s thin spaghetti straps or with a larger diameter, you basically tie a bow or knot in the back of your nape. Easy and very adjustable, we like it’s practicality.

👉🏻👙Model il wearing Rangiroa Neoprene Crochet Halter Bikini.

#2 The Bandeau Top

A bandeau is a strapless top that is straight across. These stylish tops have become very popular in the last years. I find them very practical, since you can tan your shoulders and chest evenly, without any strap leaving marks around. They can also be used as a top, being a cool element to have in your wardrobe for creative summer or night looks. 

👉🏻💖Model il wearing Gold Coast Pink Bandeau Bikini.

#3 Triangle Top

When we think about a classic straight forward bikini style, we usually refer to a triangle top with a halter attaches. This term is pretty simple, it refers to a top with triangles covering each breast. They are very adjustable and suit very well to most bust shapes. 

👉🏻⭐️Model il wearing Florida Triangle Bikini With Bohemian Print.

#4 Underwire Bikini Top

Do you feel better with extra support? If you like bra-style tops, bikinis with underwire will be great for you. They offer a bit more lift and sustenance than other kinds of bikini tops. Many come with padded shaped cups, but you can also find them without the extra push-ups. They usually provide good coverage and shape your bust.

👉🏻✨Models are wearing La Concha Beach Push Up Underwire Bikini.

#5 One-Shoulder Top

With asymmetrical shoulders, these tops appear to be stylish and design. There is just one strap going over one of your shoulders, instead of having both. A must try!

👉🏻💋Model il wearing Etretat Cliffs Red Asymmetrical Bikini.

#6 Tie-Front Bikini Top

A cute design variation is to tie your top in the front. This knot or sometimes bow style was very popular in 2019 and come back this year too. You can usually adjust how tight you want it around your bust. This is especially useful for pregnant women who need to adapt the top to every step of their pregnancy.

👉🏻💄Model il wearing Cala Saona Pink Bow Knot High Waist Bikini.

#7 Sports Top

If you enjoy water sports, this style can be ideal for you. Just like a classic sports bra, this top offers great support while swimming. You can move freely and be very active in the water. Some provide a very cute and stylish design, like this “Puerto Vallarta” white bikini. Just the right amount of cleavage and a small push up lift to make you look and feel sexy while enjoying the water.

👉🏻🍉Model il wearing Puerto Vallarta White Sports Bikini.

#8 High-Neck Bikini

This is the other option for sporty girls. Also shaped like a sports bra, this top offers total comfort and the maximum support to enjoy surfing or water sports. Even the biggest wave cannot take this off. High-neck suits fit closely to the neckline and don’t plunge. 

👉🏻🍍Model il wearing Thailand High Neck Sports Tropical Leafs Bikini.

#9 Longline Bikini Top

These tops can look and feel like a crop top but hit lower on the rib cage. Many come with decorative straps that surround your body, or elegant cutouts that embellish your ribs and waist. 

👉🏻💎Model il wearing Normandy Longline Top Nude Asymmetrical Bikini.

#10 Long Sleeve Rash Guards

These are long sleeve swimsuit tops with regular or high coverage bikini-style bottoms or shorts. Often worn in warm weather temperatures to protect the wearer from excessive sun exposure or any scratches while practicing water sports. Some are only shirts like tops, and others come integrated with a complete one-piece bodysuit. Popular among surfers, they now come with different sleeve lengths, cutouts and patterns. You can use them over your usual bikini to get extra protection during high UV exposure times. 

👉🏻🌺Model il wearing Merlbourne Rashguard Surf Sporty Swimsuit.

#11 Off The Shoulder Top

Very sexy and elegant this style has remained a big trend for a few years now. Just like the bandeau tops these are very practical, since you can tan your shoulders and chest evenly, without any strap leaving marks around. They can also be used as a top, being a cool element to have in your wardrobe for creative summer or night looks. Some popular designs come with cute flounces and embellishments to make them even more feminine and stylish. 

👉🏻🌴Model il wearing Cayo Largo Pink Off The Shoulder Flounces Bikini.

#12 Push Up

Who doesn’t want an extra bust lift to look sexier? These top styles include bra filling and many come with metal or plastic underwire for more support. They are made to enhance your curves and make your boobs look amazing.

👉🏻💙Model il wearing Keys Push Up Bustier Low Waist Bikini.

#13 Bralette

Simplicity and comfort never go out of style. Bralette style bikinis can be used as regular wear tops. They properly hold your bust and have some light cleavage. All plain color tops can be easily paired with different swimwear bottoms to create a multitude of beach looks and cute outfits. 

👉🏻🏖Model il wearing Fort Lauderdale Black Bralette Bikini.

#14 Cross Body Lace-Up

These tops embellish your ribs cage and look great, especially if you have a long torso. The longer the space between your waist and bust the prettier it appears. They usually crisscross little or larger bands around your body, turning over one or multiple times. This is a playful style that can be worn in different ways. Have fun and feel amazing!

👉🏻❤️Model il wearing Laguna Beach Strappy Cross Body Pink Bikini.

As usual I hope this blog was super useful and you fell in love with many designs. Did you discover tops that fit your silhouette?


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