Let’s admit it girls… We are CRAZY about bikinis 🤩The more the better. We need all styles, shapes and colours. We LOVE our collections of shoes, bags & bikinis. So here are 10 Do’s & Don’ts to preserve longer your precious collection of swimwear!


  1. Always rinse your swimwear after swimming. Wear it in the shower when you get out to rinse all sand, chlorine and oils. Avoid using any shower gels! Some chemicals can damage the fabric.
  2. Rinse again with cold water when you remove it.
  3. Hanging in the shade is the ideal way to dry your swimsuit. Spandex or elastane normally take 24h to dry and come back to it’s original shape. 
  4. Make sure it’s fully dried before wearing it again.  Alternate your swimsuits to avoid them bagging or stretching.
  5. Be specially careful in spas or heated pools, they use strong chemicals that can shorten the life of your swimwear.



  1. Avoid applying sunscreen or tanning oil on your swimwear. Some products might stain or discolour the fabric.
  2. Avoid leaving your swimsuit in a plastic bag or rolled in a towel after use. This allows bacteria to breed and chlorine have a longer effect damaging the spandex or elastane. 
  3. Do not use the washing machine and detergents, they can be harsh and damage your swimsuit even if done just once. Hand-wash and use soft soap.
  4. Never iron it. High temperatures can cause your swimsuit to literally disintegrate (Yeah trust us, this happens!). 
  5. Avoid sitting on rough surfaces. Pool edges or rocks can instantly damage the fabric. Better to sit on top of your pareo or towel. 
You are good to go!
With these 10 simple tips your bikinis will last beautiful longer.

We Love You! 


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