Hi, fashion addicts!

As we said in our last blog “Love For Fashion Quotes” love for fashion is a form of self-love, of loving and caring for oneself.

That’s why during Valentine’s Day I like to be well dressed, with clothes I love and, why not, with a red or pink outfit. ❤
Valentine’s Day brings out my girly side and it seems my favorite influencers’ too!
So on, I’ve been collecting “Valentines” looks from bloggers we love to get inspired for our 14/02 outfits. I hope you like them!
Comment below with the St. Valentine’s Day Outfit You like the most 😉& tell me what you will wear.


with a romantic “La Parisienne” red outfit.

I love her scenographic outfits, each photo has outfits and poses very studied to achieve that “wow” effect!


Romantic style it’s her signature. Her entire wardrobe expresses pure romance. Every item she wears is super cute & she loves pastels colours.


 Always with a beautiful smile, I love her! And how well she looks in red!? These formal but sexy outfits are perfect for an elegant date.


 These super trendy looks make me fall in love.
And what about the pic in Paris? Can you imagine a more romantic photo? I don’t think so! 


 is a fashion & lifestyle blogger. I really like her style!
The refined look of each outfit captivates me. Take a sneak peak at these wonderful looks, you’ll love them! 

It's always a pleasure writing for you!


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