Oh-La-La! Better to start practising your French accent, because you are going to MONACO. Get ready to enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of the FRENCH RIVIERA.

You crave for relaxing in a luxurious environment. You want elegance, shopping and the finest food on earth. Feel like a princess exploring stunning palaces and enjoy living a chic lifestyle.

Go shopping for an elegant casino night. Put on your best glam outfit to attempt a private event and imagine you are the main character of a Monte-Carlo movie. Nice dresses, glam shoes and fashionable accessories are essential in Monaco.

Do you crave for a big party? Do not miss the yearly Grand Prix in May, four days of celebrities, vibrant lifestyle and lots of Champagne everywhere.

Chill by the Monaco beach on a chic bikini outfit. Get a perfect Summer dress for a day out at the Mediterranean sea. Feel the sea breeze in your hair, while dancing on a luxury private yacht party. Enjoy the fine cuisine, all this with some “rosé s’il vous plaît!”.

A perfect French style vacation awaits for you, from Nice to Monaco and Monte-Carlo, you will have the luxury time of your life!

It was really fun making this blog. I can’t wait to visit Monaco and the French Riviera very soon. Riviera Coco always makes me travel and keep learning about the most amazing places in this planet. 

I love writing for you guys, let me know in the comments if you appreciate it. 



My lovely fashionistas it is always a pleasure writing for you!
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