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From a state of positive Summer vibes, I am writing this blog for you. 

Did you know that only on Pinterest there are several thousand monthly searches for “Cute Casual Dresses”? It seems that I am not the only girl obsessed with finding the perfect beautiful dress.

To celebrate our HUGE LOVE for dresses, I prepared for you a special 2020 blog about these feminine garments. So let’s talk today about “10 Cute Casual Dresses You Need For This Summer”.

I hope you will find lots of inspiration and the perfect dress for you!



This comfy beach dress looks amazing in pictures!

Let’s start with a little dress that’s becoming a huge hit. The crochet style white beach dress. 

I have it myself and I love it. It has the perfect combination between sexy and cute. It’s a little see through but not much revealing. Made of cotton this embroidered dress is fresh, soft and ideal for a hot day outside.

A must have and one of my favourites! 

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I’ve had so many compliments on this one!

This is a very soft maxi dress. Tulip print is well defined, and fabric is very elastic. The slit gives you the sexy touch, while the off shoulder flounces balance the outfit with a touch of cuteness. 

This dress is perfect for a night out or a romantic dinner by the beach.

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This 2020 boho vibes will still be present, but are evolving into more “cow-boy style” outfits. You can easily wear this bohemian dress with boots and head to the “Coachella Festival” this Spring. 

The turquoise blue colour is vibrant and the best thing of all is that this fabric never wrinkles! Oh yes, you read well. You can just literally throw this dress into your luggage and take it out when you arrive at your travel destination. It will stay perfect and covers you very well from the Sun.

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This is one of the cutest outfits you could wear this Summer. You may have noticed this winter season that pom poms are appearing in all kinds of garments. Well, in the following hot months get ready to wear it on cute dresses, handbags, accessories and even on your sandals. 

This white little dress will make you look feminine, trendy and very elegant. Little hint, it does not wrinkle either.

A must have this season!

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In my last two blogs I have been sharing the latest designer trends for the season. Well, knitted and crochet items will be very popular this year. This is why I chose this crochet style beach dress for you. 

One of the Pinterest trends predictions for 2020 are earthy natural looks, that reconnects us with mother nature. This dress totally expresses nature, calm, pureness and it’s also very comfy and great for a day or night out while you are on vacation.

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It is essential to have in your wardrobe classic casual dresses that you can just take out of the closet and feel as good as you look. This t-shirt inspired dress is one of my total favourites. I have it in navy blue. It is very soft, stretchy, never wrinkles and I always feel feminine and pretty. 

This is the kind of dress you can wear on vacation or in a more urban destination, from spring to fall season. 

A total win-win for price, comfort, cuteness and adaptability. 

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Let’s define this dress as the perfect combination of cuteness, freshness and comfort. It has a romantic style, and the A shape is perfect for most silhouettes. You can adjust it at the bust level, it enhances your upper curves very well. The fabric is really fresh, and again, I have never had to iron this on my trips. I wore it by the mediterranean sea in August and felt really fresh and pretty. 

Cute & fresh, I totally recommend it. 

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Time to go to a beach party for some drinks! 

This polka dots green dress includes two of this 2020 biggest fashion trends, flounces and lots of polka dots. 

This classy but casual dress is perfect for a night out dancing by the beach, in a fancy club or for a romantic date. 

Put your favourite high heels on and wear this amazing dress!

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Yellow will become the statement colour for this Spring-Summer 2020. In my latest blogs I talked about “Marigold Yellow” and how we will be shining in bright yellow tones this year. 

I picked for you this ultra feminine and comfy dress with a retro touch. Made of cotton, it is super breathable and the shape suits all silhouettes. The yellow and white striped pattern is fun, and will make you stand out.

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Going to a beach wedding or a summer concert?

I have the perfect dress for you. 

This classy floral maxi dress will impress all your friends. It’s chic, romantic, the print is amazing and it has the right amount of volume.

If you need a glam outfit for this hot season, this wrap tie floral maxi dress is the perfect piece to wear.

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Dresses, we all love them so much! And it gives us the perfect excuse to get amazing heels, espadrilles or sandals. The perfect cute outfit combination to stand out this Summer. 


I love writing for you guys!

See you very soon, 



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