10 Tropical & Flamingo Ideas For The Perfect Pool Summer Party

It’s party time at Riviera Coco. The hot season is starting and with it, we will start planning time outside by the sun, drinking, laughing and swimming. 


Welcome to “Your Daily Dose of Summer” blog! In today’s episode, I prepared for you a list of simple and cheap things you can make, or buy, for an outstanding tropical flamingo and pineapple pool party. If you are feeling some inspiration to throw an elegant Hawaiian luau celebration, a girls’ night, or you are a fabulous mom and need to prepare some easy DIY crafts for your kid’s birthday party, all is covered on this blog. 


Either for girls or adults, all these ideas are utterly cute, Kate Spade style inspired and will bring the Aruba summer vacation vibes to your home.  From games to photo booths, decoration, free printable and food, all you need to enjoy a tropical celebration. 


Grab a cute summer outfit, put on a beautiful dress and rock the party!

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Make your celebration a party to remember! Everybody loves these floating cuties. If you are also looking for a nice inexpensive gift for your guests these are the ideal souvenir.


Click here to see our most popular pool floats collection.

Even if you have no pool around and are throwing a yard party, drink floats are perfect for the perfect party decor. You can set it up on your party table for a summer or tropical-themed party.

#2 Girly Shiny Paper Straws 

Give a glam party touch to your colourful paper straws, by simply adding flamingos or pineapples with a little spot of hot glue. 

A simple and inexpensive touch that will enhance the look of your table decor.

#3 Floral Photo Frame

Bring the Hawaiian vibes to your pictures. This kind of frame is ideal to invite your guests to create fun photos to remember the date. 

This is a very stylish photo frame that can be made with cheap materials like paper and hot glue. You can also get cute flowers at the dollar store and add them to your frame. Ask your best friend to come by and build together a glam decor. 

Isn’t it cute?

There is nothing more fun in a summer pool party than taking pics on top of an enormous and ultra cute FLAMINGO FLOAT!

We can find all fun floating figures like pineapples, watermelons, doughnuts, unicorns & giant inflatable pegasus.

If you are looking for some for your party check this collection.

These fun floaties will stay with you for many parties and tons of hours of sunny moments and are also fantastic for pics on your photo booth. 

There is nothing more fun in a summer pool party than taking pics on top of an enormous and ultra cute FLAMINGO FLOAT!

#5  A Flamingo Cake & Cupcakes

You can find many many fantastic recipes in Pinterest about how to make fantastic flamingo themed deserts. 

I found for you a really nice blog post that teaches you how to make adorable and stylish flamingo cupcakes. Click on the image to visit the original blog from SugarHero. 

#6  A Free Printable Flamingo Banner

Let’s create a cute decor on a budget! 

I found this very elegant and easy to make flamingo and pineapples banner from a lady in Pinterest. She offers the printable for free, so you can download it for your next celebration. Click on the image to see her blog.

Plus, it makes for such budget-friendly decor!

#7  Throw Some Flamingo Games!

I found a nice idea of flamingo themed game. You need some yard flamingo plastic statues and hula hoops. 

A simple and creative game for kids and adults.

#8 A Piñata

Piñatas are so fun! Kids or even adults have lots of fun breaking it and getting the candy and goodies hidden inside. Plus a flamingo one like this lifts up your tropical decor.  

 #9 Easy DIY Flamingo Gift Bags

 Heat up your summer with these cool Flamingo DIY bags.

They are very easy to make since you only need pink, black and white paper, a black marker, some glue and regular white paper bags. Cut some flamingos, add them to the bags and voilà! you have a beautiful concept bag for your guests.

You only need regular white gift bags from the dollar store, like these ones:

#10 Vibrant Colourful Pareos 

A very easy way to bring a summer touch to your party is by wearing sexy and colourful kimonos, cover ups and dresses.

Find amazing beach and pool apparel HERE

Enjoy the pool party!

Ready for the party? I am glad you read this blog and hope it was very useful to you.

The only thing you need is the perfect cake, some good food, snacks, drinks, maybe a deserts table and a ton of good friends to spend an amazing funny day.


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As always, it has been a pleasure to bring summer vibes to your daily life. Come back often and tell me in the comments if you threw the perfect tropical flamingo inspired summer pool party.


See you in the next blog in a few days!


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