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red eyeliner makeup
Today we will do this sexy red lined smokey makeup. Something different, perfect for a party or if you want to to impress on a date. It’s a very sexy graphic makeup, ideal for a portrait photoshoot.


In our last post we did a makeup with warm and nude tones, perfect for a bride.
CLICK ON THE IMAGE if you want to go and discover how to recreate it too!
On today’s look the undisputed protagonist is the red eyeliner: however, the delicate base and slightly coloured lips also play an important role.


We will rely on Younique’s products to make it: the high quality of their products and the wide choice of shades will allow us to recreate it perfectly. 
Let’s discover which products we need to achieve the same results. I will give you step by step instructions:

1. The secret to perfect skin?

The Skincare routine that suits you! 

👉Your daily dynamic skincare duo:  Our skin must be perfectly clean to avoid the appearance of imperfections created by the lack of hygiene, and then moisturize your face: be sure to choose products that perfectly fit your type of skin and this Kit is the best for your morning skincare.
Start your day with clean, hydrated skin when you make the YOU·OLOGY day duo part of your skin care at home. 


You’ll receive a nourishing YOU·OLOGY cleanser and hydrating YOU·OLOGY day moisturizer, both personalized to YOUR skin care needs with YOUR choice of three mix-in boosters. These bare necessities will leave your skin feeling so fresh and clean, you’ll want nothing more than to head out to face the day.

2. The primer First! 

You will only reach the flawless finish we all desire with the right primer! Primers have become one of the essential steps to achieve a perfect finish. They help you prepare your skin before the foundation, to cover the pores, to hide the small imperfections.

You can choose whether to apply it with a brush or with your fingers: in this case, I recommend you to use the 👉TOUCH GLORIOUS face primer: is transparent and you can apply it with your fingers.

3. The perfect foundation

For this makeup, we want to achieve a very matte finish so we can use The 👉YOUNIQUE TOUCH stick foundation. It can be used as a medium-to-full coverage foundation with a velvety finish. 


You can FIND YOUR SHADE HERE, on this well created online tool.

Starting at the center of your face, apply the YOUNIQUE TOUCH stick foundation directly to the skin, blending in around the nose, chin, and forehead. To blend it, use a sponge or a kabuki brush.

4. Bye Bye Imperfection!

Choose a lighter shade: it better be lighter than foundation. 
Apply 👉TOUCH MINERAL skin-perfecting concealer in a triangle shape from the lower lashes. Blend it well with the foundation!


You can FIND YOUR SHADE HERE, easy to use online tool.

5. Keep it matte!

To keep the foundation from going matt for longer and prevent it from shining due to sebum, we fix it with 👉TOUCH BEHOLD translucent setting powder.

6. Natural bronze

As we said, in this makeup the focus center is left to the eyes.
For this, there will be no need for conturing. Opt for a slightly darker blush and play with it.
Use 👉MOODSTRUCK pressed blusher in the shade: Sisterly to achieve the same result of the picture.

7. Discreet Pearly

It’s almost imperceptible, but it does make a difference! Forget strobing for this makeup: use the lighter in the conturing palette  👉SCULPTING TRIO highlight & contour palette and apply it just a little bit above the blush. You’ll get a light effect without overdoing it.  


8. The party begins!

The eye makeup is undoubtedly the protagonist of this look.

It looks like all the other elements are discreet to leave all the attention to the eyes.


First, apply a good primer to ensure the best eye shadow yield and durability. The 👉MOODSTRUCK primer is slightly coloured and will give uniformity to the eyelid. You will see how your makeup will last until the end of the day!

 Next, we apply in all the eye crease, blending in well, the  👉MOODSTRUCK liquid shadow in the color Exalted.

Then, to recreate this red eyeliner, we will not use normal eyeliner, as the result would not be so matte and faded.

To make it then we will use a cream eye shadow in pot.

Use an angled brush to go straighter and create a perfect tail.
The eye shadow I am telling you about is 👉MOODSTRUCK SPLURGE cream shadow in color Unapologetic.

Use a small shade brush to blur the edges and make them less defined. 

To give brightness to these eyes, take the same highlighter we used for the face, and apply it under the eyebrow arch, in the inner corner of the eye, and in the center of the eyelid.

This touch will give brightness to the makeup but will not take your eyes off the graphic eyeliner.

To conclude, apply a dark brown pencil in the inner rhyme of the eye to give depth to the gaze.

The best option is this pencil: 👉MOODSTRUCK PRECISION pencil eyeliner

in the shade Proper.

9. Sculpted eyelashes

Let’s define our lashes the best way ever! Ready for the mascara you dreamed about all your life?

It’s considered one of the best mascaras in the world. 

👉MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara: one‑step fiber mascara combines Y‑shaped fibers and a specially engineered two-sided brush to interlock fibers for lash volume, length, and lift like you’ve never seen in real life.

Better than falsies and it takes no time to achieve the same volume effect!

10. Natural Brows

We don’t want to get super-defined eyebrows, in fact, the girl in the photo just poked them with a pencil. Use 👉MOODSTRUCK PRECISION pencil and use the brush. 

11. A Delicate Glow

The lip contour used is a dark pink colour, which looks a lot like the one used for eyeliner.  Use the 👉MOODSTRUCK PRECISION pencil lip liner in the shade “Prudent” to obtain this cute natural effect.

Use 👉MOODSTRUCK OPULENCE Lipstick to achieve this shiny effect.

12. Fix it all!

We finish our makeup with a fixing spray. The 👉TOUCH BEHOLD setting spray will ensure that your makeup remains intact even after a long day, or night dancing 😉
And if you like all the products we show you, there’s a super offer you can’t miss! 



red eyeliner makeup
red eyeliner makeup
red eyeliner makeup
Do you like this makeup? Will you try to do it?
It’s really simple but impactful. We like it! 😍
And, for which occasion would you wear it? 
Tell me in a comment below! 

Beauty begins the moment you decide to love yourself.


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