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14 Trending Sunglasses You Should Wear This Summer

14 Trending Sunglasses You Should Wear This Summer

Hello everyone! I’m Laura Brunereau, your host at the Luxe Fashion Blog.

Today’s post it’s all about sunglasses, the perfect accessory we all love to wear.

We’ve changed decade, but are the trends changing? Like every change of year, fashions vary and with it, what we wear too.

Do you want to know which are the sunglasses trends for 2020?
Then don’t miss this blog!

I’ll show you some outfits with the trendiest sunglasses. Wanna know what’s best? You can buy them on sale today!

All the sunglasses I’ll show you are from the best luxury brands and at outlet prices!


Ready for 2020’s eye wear trends?😘 

Round glasses

If we combine a round frame with small glasses, we will get one of the trends in sunglasses for 2020, inspired by the 90s, the trend goes back to the purest John Lennon style. 
You can find round and paste lenses. 

trendy sunglasses

Cat Eye sunglasses

Cat eye glasses, wider at the top, are a trend from the 1920s, and here they are, a century later. Marilyn Monroe wore them in the 1950s and, although they have never disappeared, this year they are reappearing with renewed strength.

This type of glasses favours people with a triangle-shaped face, as they make the effect of lengthening the face. 

trendy sunglasses

Double Bridge

We are rescuing another fashion style from years ago, specifically from the 60s and 70s. The double and thin bridges are very present in the new launches, presenting a design that helps to refine the face.

trendy sunglasses

Aviator style glasses never go out of style.

The aviator style, very characteristic of the Ray-Ban brand, is present season after season, and this year it was not going to be less. Among all the trends in glasses, this is one of the most classic, infallible!

This style of glasses will suit you especially if your face is square, as they will help you to refine your features and make them look more rounded.

trendy sunglasses

White-rimmed glasses

This year, white-rimmed sunglasses are in fashion, especially with the good weather in mind. They are designs that help you get a fresh look, typical of the summer season. 

trendy sunglasses


Oversize frames are still taking up much of the lead in sunglass trends for 2020. 
For those who want sunglasses to be the stars of the outfit, this is a perfect style!

trendy sunglasses

Havana coloured frames

Without any doubt, if you want to be trendy and you like glasses with thick frames, the havana color is an excellent choice. It gives an eye-catching touch to the glasses without detracting from their elegance, resulting in a very sophisticated look.

trendy sunglasses

 Do you like this year’s trends?
And how about the selection of sunglasses? What are your favorites? Leave me a comment!


So… remember these months… all in white!


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