Viral Outfits From Pinterest You Totally Need To Get – Look #2

So many of you asked for this blog post!

Hundreds of our outfit pins have gone highly viral on our The Luxe Fashion Blog Pinterest account. You guys keep asking where you can buy the products, so we decided to create a series of posts dedicated to each and every viral outfit in our account. 


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Here’s the dynamic for this blog post series:

#1 You guys let us know on Pinterest you favourite outfits.

#2 We make a complete search on our favourite online stores to find all pieces from every outfit. We will select different products at different budgets and from multiple stores, so you gan get the one that best fits your budget and style.

#3 You enjoy these blogs and are able to buy all the amazing items you fall in love with.


What do you think? Great idea right?

We can’t wait to have your feedback and tell us which items you love. 

Keep contacting us via PinterestInstagram @LuxeFashionBlog or by leaving a comment in our blog posts. Tell us which other outfits you want us to find for you.


Let’s start with the second outfit of these “Viral Outfits From Pinterest You Totally Need To Get” series.

In case you missed the other looks and want more VIRAL OUTFIT INSPIRATION, here are other amazing outfits.


Let’s start shopping!

pinterest viral outfit

Today’s Outfit:

This outfit in shades of pink is perfect for an afternoon in the city, an aperitif, or an occasion where you want to be cute but casual at the same time.

A very simple pink crop top combined with a midi skirt with delicate flowers and a must-have pair of sunglasses and a very fashionable scrunchy.


Let’s see how to copy this cute summer outfit! 

Pinterest is the best place to find inspiration!


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