10+ Casual Summer Outfits With Midi Skirt 

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For today’s blog I made a collection of VIRAL Summer outfits with midi skirts, and I tell you how to copy them all!
midi skirt outfits

I know that many of us are fans of midi skirts and we have them in the wardrobe in many versions: printed, pleated, with ruffles or not, pencil cut, knitted.  
For me, midi skirts are a basic essential for those Summer days when I want to wear a skirt: neither short nor long, this midi size is the perfect option for those who want to show their legs a little, without feeling too exposed.

And it’s still super fresh, comfortable and fashionable at the same time!

midi skirt outfits
midi skirt outfits
Today’s outfit is elegant and at the same time very feminine. Ideal for work, or going out for lunch with your friends at a nice restaurant.
I visited Puerto Banús, one of my favourite places in Marbella, full of luxury brands, yachts and happy locals and tourists all enjoying together the sun and the amazing mediterranean views.  Puerto Banús is one of the best-known nautical and tourist destinations in the world. I totally enjoy this place and will be shooting soon there for you my travel and fashion lovers.
midi skirt outfits

Let’s copy my outfit!

And what about my outfit? Do you like it? 

I chose a pleated midi skirt, pink sandals and a pink hobo bag. This one is very cute too:

Elsa Diamond Print Ombré Pleat Skirt

Two Tone Pleated Skirt

Nude Heels Sandals

My pink hobo handbag is from the Italian brand  TRUSSARDI. You can find their amazing products HERE.
Some ideas for you:

Handle Shoulder Bag

Honey Round Leather Hobo

Cute Hair Accessories

And a feminine braided headband: a 2020 trend I’m in love with! 
Midi length is one of the most flattering skirt cut and it’s a symbol of sophistication and femininity. This style works perfectly for formal events such as conferences, work meetings, birthday parties or weddings, but, you can also adapt it to your day to day accompanying it with more basic or casual clothes and accessories.

Pro tip: Combine it with tight plain t-shirts or body suits in soft colours to counteract the volume that the skirt creates.

It’s a super trend this summer 2020 and that’s why I wanted to show you some cool and viral outfits from out Pinterest account. They all are casual summer outfit inspiration with midi skirts.

And of course, I’m going to show you some clothes to copy each and every trendy look. 😉

In the last post we discovered the latest trends in sunglasses for this summer 2020.
Some are new styles and others are eye wear classics that have been in fashion for many years. Don’t miss it!

1. Pleated Skirt and White Sneakers

midi skirt outfits

3. Pleated Skirt and Chunky Sneakers

midi skirt outfits

1. Pleated Skirt and White Sneakers

midi skirt outfits

5. Pleated Skirt and Cute Flat Sandals

midi skirt outfits

6. Ruffles and Convers

midi skirt outfits

10. Leather Pleated Skirt and Pumps

midi skirt outfits

11. Classy Casual Satin Black Skirt

midi skirt outfits

Do you like midi skirts? Tell me in a comment below! 

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