tie dye items

20+ TIE DYE & BATIK Items For Your Colourful Summer Outfits

20+ TIE DYE & BATIK Items For Your Colourful Summer Outfits

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For today’s blog, I made a collection of 20+ TIE DYE – BATIK ITEMS for your Summer Outfits. You won’t find only clothes, also cute Tie Dye accessories and bikinis. 

This is a HUGE TREND this 2020!

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I have to say that in the past, I wasn’t a fan of this print but who does not need a punch of happy colours. This trend brings us happiness and this year there are clothes and colour-mixing that I liked A LOT! 

Tie-dye, the special print that became synonymous with nonconformity in the 1990s, is a super trend this spring-summer 2020.

Many companies have chosen this print and have included it in their summer collections. And last Summer season, companies in California bring back the trend, being extremely well received by their customers. 

The sudden increase of popularity actually is caused by the Covid-19 quarantine! DIY tie-dye became one the favourite lockdown activities of many people around the world. Giving a second life to tons of old clothing from their wardrobes. 

  The history of tie-dye / batik prints and fashion designers is a very controversial love story. Every now and then, the creative directors of the brands return to this trend.
Prada, for example, did so in 2004. This season, brands continue to bet on the goodness of the tie-dye in both daring and more sophisticated versions. Although the tie-dye and the sophisticated may seem to be two totally opposite concepts (since the print has a do it yourself aspect that, inevitably, is linked to the home-made and, therefore, to the informal), this season the print will bring out its most elegant side.
The key?

Combining tie-dye or batik clothes with other more classic ones, for example, tie-dye skirts and dresses will be combined with high-heeled sandals to achieve a fashionable and trendy look.

So that’s why I matched this colourful batik skirt with a simple white plain white cami shirt to balance the colour intensity. As accessories I matched my classy royal blue and gold heels with a foldable handbag of the exact same colours. Since royal blue goes amazingly well I picked out of my closet an amazing yellow hat. Since I can rarely match it with my outfits I was glad it worked out with today’s look.  
What I totally loved about this shooting is how cute and happy my 10 weeks old puppy looks.
Laika, I am totally in LOVE with you!
tie dye items
tie dye items

What I like the most about my outfit is the contrast of colors and that I could turn a batik skirt into a colourful but more formal outfi

tie dye items

Here you can find some clothes to recreate an outfit very similar outfit to mine .

Start With Basic White Cami

Find a Stylish Tie-Dye Skirt

Add Colourful Accessories

Royal Blue Heels

Royal Blue Heels

Classy Royal Blue Bag

More Tie-Dye Amazing Stuff

But wait, the trend doesn’t just stop at clothes. There are tie-dye hats, shoes, scrunchies, jewelry, scarves—the list goes on. Dare I say that it’s officially replaced florals as summer’s top print?
Maybe for this 2020 summer, YES. 

Enjoy this selection of tie-dye  items that I liked very much!
I hope you enjoy this blog and the items I choose for it! 
I think the tie-dye, well combined, can be very nice and bring colour to our lifes. I totally like it for the beach and am very happy so see more elegant versions of this fun and colourful trend.

Live your life in technicolor!


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