French style outfits

10+ French Style Summer Outfits I Love

10+ French Style Summer Outfits I Love

Hello everyone! Welcome to a NEW outfits inspiration blog. Today it’s about French Style Summer Outfits.
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I’m used to visiting France in Summer to visit my family and I love analyzing the French styles I see around the streets. So today I want to share with you 10 French Style Summer Outfit I’m completely in love with.
French style outfits
French People have the virtue of having the chicest effortless style of all, which is accompanied by a timeless wardrobe that does not contain too many pieces but they are classical, timeless, and super chic. 
As you may or may not know yet I am a nationality mix. I am half French, half Mexican and I spent the majority of my adult life in Canada. As you can imagine my style is strongly influenced by American standards, but since the last years I have been spending the majority of the time in Europe, well… I am glad to bring out the European part of me. 
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Today I am showing you the French inspired style I was wearing this weekend on my IG stories!  
A white sleeveless shirt, a floral midi skirt, wedges and a big straw hat from Riviera Coco. 
French style outfits
French style outfits
French style outfits


You can see that in France girls know perfectly which are the tops, pants, jeans, dresses, jackets, shirts and shoes that do not go out of style and that are ultra-chic.
These 10 summer outfits will inspire you to copy some chic French-style looks for the summer.

Ready? Let’s see them!

1.  Cute Polka Dots

A black and white polka-dot dress: I don’t know if there’s anything more classic! It’s so French Riviera Style…

2. Comfy, Classical, Chic

White, it’s known, is the color of summer. And this set of shirt and pants seems to me so perfect for a few days of cruising, for example, very chic.
I really like the detail of the foulard in the hair.

 3. Dreamlike Lace

Too much cuteness! This laced set with straw accessories is a perfect outfit for a hot day. Wear it to visit a seaside town.

  4. Yellow Happiness

 Yellow always makes me very happy. I like that everything matches: the top with the shoes and the color of the flowers on the maxi skirt. 

5. Total White 

Mix several shades of white and you’ll never go wrong! This outfit is perfect for photos in the warm cities on summer days.

6. Puffy Sleeves Lover

The puffed sleeves, the hat, and those amazing sunglasses: it looks like an outfit from a ’50s movie.
Perfect for “retro” styles lovers.

7. Welcome back, ’50

I like this outfit because it’s a perfect blend of sporty and chic. The high-waisted trousers, the knotted shirt and the white espadrilles: another retro outfit that’s still in fashion today. 

8. Stripe it up!

Vertical stripes always better than horizontal ones. They are much more conducive to the figure. And I love an outfit like this, a little “exaggerated” with such eye-catching accessories.

9. Put a shirt on it!

Who would have thought that a shirt could give such a stylish touch to a simple long dress? Well, a shirt and fashion accessories such as a wooden bag, ’50s glasses 😉

 10. Simply Elegance

Effortlessly chic. I imagine myself in Nice going to the beach with this outfit. Love the big straw bag: you can put everything you need inside!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and the French Style Summer Outfits I choose for it! 
I feel very much in alignment with the French style, I identify myself with these outfits, and with my idea of style.  
What do you think? 
I will keep creating trendy outfits for you. 
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French Vibes 


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