Affordable & Very Cute Summer Flat Sandals From DSW

Discover Trendy Sandals From DSW

At Riviera Coco we expand our horizons!

We will from now on curate for you the best international Summer products. Find all the trends and inspiration you need to shine on vacations or during the hot season. 

Since our Pinterest account has become VIRAL, and I am now an official influencer, I will be sharing with you all amazing Summer items I find for you to glow.

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Today’s topic is SANDALS!

Summer is the perfect time to go out and visit new places. We bring out of the closet our favourite dresses (FROM RIVIERA COCO 😁💃🏼 ) and explore the world. 

We need tons of pretty sandals to fit all our amazing dresses. They need to be not only very stylish but also ultra comfy to follow us along on our adventures. 

I made a selection of 12 ultra cute and very affordable sandals from DSW so you can complete your Riviera Coco outfits. 

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"Sandals #2 are my total favourite, they fit with everything!"


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My lovely fashionistas it is always a pleasure writing for you!
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