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20+ Striped Casual Summer Dresses You’ll Love

20+ Striped Casual Summer Dresses You’ll Love

Hello everyone! Welcome to a NEW outfits inspiration blog. Today it’s about Striped Casual Summer Dresses I’m sure you’ll love. 
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Today’s photoshoot tales place in a beautiful cosy street in Marbella’s golden mile. This charming garden has beautiful flowers and greenery all year long. It reminds me the “Miss Honey” garden in Matilda movie.
Definitely one of my favourite places to walk by!
I am ready for a new outfit: This yellow striped dress is perfect for these hot summer days. The fabric is very light and breathable, made of cotton. 
striped dresses

Yellow is the color of the year, more specifically MARIGOLD yellow. Pantone chose for us a bright and merry tone for this hot season. Get ready to shine with this color it will stay for a couple of years in our wardrobes.

striped dresses

I chose to wear it with pearl hair broaches, my Balmain Paris turtoise shell & gold sunglasses, and a Daniel Wellington gold & brown leather watch. All matching the buttons of this cute dress.

striped dresses
I completed the look with yellow suede pointed shoes from MANGO, that gave a beautiful knot in the middle. My beach bag is also from MANGO and it’s ideas to shake out all the sand from the interior of the bag.

Copy my style!

I also found for you other 20  Striped Casual Summer Dresses with the same style and the best part is that you can buy them now! 
I divided them by the Brand so you can identify easily the style and price range. 
And if you liked what I wore yesterday, check these items out!
They’re very similar to mine! 

I also leave you some pics about the accessories and shoes. Do you like this kind of “net” bag? Tell me in a comment below! 

The striped pattern is one of my favorites in the summer. I love the sailor or navy style, and that’s why when it’s really hot I like to wear striped dresses. In autumn and winter, I prefer the pinstripe on a two-piece suit.

Here are some tricks you must know if you love Stripes.


The vertical pinstripe print is very feminine, as it lengthens the legs and makes us look more stylish. It is no longer necessary to wear heels to see our elongated figure, a good option is to opt for a vertical striped dress. The opposite effect is caused by the horizontal stripes, which make us look wider and do not define at all the silhouette of the woman’s body. Horizontal lines are great for a more relaxed casual look with a masculine touch, like sailor’s french “marinières” as you have probably seen me wearing while harvesting wine grapes in France.

So, here you have, 20 casual dresses for summer with stripes, feminine and perfect for every kind of body shape.  

5 Stripes Casual Dresses from SHEIN

5 Stripes Casual Summer Dresses from TARGET

5 Stripes Casual Summer Dresses from REVOLVE

5 Stripes Casual Summer Dresses from NORDSTROM

I hope you enjoyed this blog and the 20+ Stripes Summer Dresses I choose for it! 
I will keep creating trendy outfits for you. 
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My lovely fashionistas it is always a pleasure writing for you!
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