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Cropped tops are one of the biggest and sexiest trends this year, and I can feel this will last for a couple seasons because it’s a crazy cool trend!

The crop top does not look like a passing trend, in fact, it seems that designers love to cut the top pieces. Men’s shirts, t-shirts, sports tops, lingerie, but always in mini format. And today I selected very trendy tops from NastyGal and they all are selling at amazing small prices.  

Crop top outfits are very versatile whether you pair with jeans, skirts, overalls or trousers you will be showing some extra skin without revealing too much. What’s different between this trend and the one from the 90’s is the high waisted cut of the bottoms you will pair with the tops. In fact it is easier to look great with todays trend than the one of the 90’s because you only reveal your torso from the belly button and up.


Don’t miss the outfits I have collected: they give you a lot of inspiration so that you can take advantage of your favourite crop top summer outfit and wear a fashionable outfit but according to your style and preferences.

Let’s not make this any longer than it needs to be, shall we? It’s time to crop it like it’s hot. 

"# 6 is my total favourite! OMG how classy-casual it is!"


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