christmas gifts for him

5 Useful Tips To Shop The Best Gifts For Him This Christmas

5 Useful Tips To Shop The Best Gifts For Him This Christmas

The merriest time of the year is here! We started shopping the most adorable gifts from the ones we love, specially for our lovers.
I am an early Christmas gifts shopper, so by now I have got already 95% of the presents and they are almost all already under the tree. But, this gives me plenty of time to actually help you with your shopping list for him.
Gifts for a men can be very easy to find, but let’s be honest, if the present is not useful to him the article will just finish to be forgotten on a drawer, basement or wardrobe.
Man are practical, so the easiest the object adapts to their routine or hobby the more chances you have they will actually use it or like it.  
christmas gifts for him

Some good clues to find the right gift for a man are in my opinion the following:

#1 A gift that replaces something old. Find stuff that he is still using but it could be better to use a new one. Some practical ideas are slippers, pyjamas, boxers, t-shirts, a backpack… the list is long. Just open your eyes and see what old stuff you find around that could be replaced. 
#2 A gift that improves something he is already using. We are talking about replacing something simple with low benefits or features with a product with higher capabilities. It could be an item that enhances his look, his skin, his health… A good example is to get him a better skin care cream, a hair loss shampoo, a perfume you actually love, hand cream, a cute polo to replace ordinary t-shirts… You get the idea.
 #3 Electronic gadgets. Man usually love this gift category. Get him something electronic that either replaces an old version of something he has or one that could improve his daily living. A new apple watch, a photo printer, professional photography material, phone gadgets, videogames… Just go to BestBuy and find cool stuff your lover will go crazy for.
#4 “Multi-tool gadgets” for handy guys. This is actually a suggestion from my boyfriend. He advices us that this type of gadgets that include a ton of tools in one simple object are actually amazing and very very useful to them.
He loves and .
If you know well the handy activities of your guy and are willing to get him new construction gears, he will be probably very pleased. But always keep the receipts in case he wanted another version with different features or more power.
#5 Gifts that encourages a hobby he has. From retro arcade machines to sports gadgets, or photography-video skills. Just find something he truly enjoys. 
  Here is a practical list of gadgets I found at Nordstrom for your beloved guy.
Enjoy your shopping and happy holidays!

– Laura Brunereau – 

My Favourite Christmas Gifts For Him On Nordstrom

#1 Steiner Pajamas UGG

Did you knew UGG does amazingly comfy pyjamas?
Soft cotton-blend construction means easy comfort all night long in this cozy PJ set that combines a raglan-sleeve T-shirt with plaid pants.

#2 Pac-Man Micro Cabinet

A retro arcade is a gift every gamer and not so gamer guy will really enjoy.

#3 Prime Percussive Therapy Device

Great massager for sporty guys or to relief back pain from sedentary man.

#4 Faded Brightening & Clearing Gel

An impressive skin brightening product that gets the concept right with proven ingredients.

#5 Hi·Print Pocket Photo Printer

Boys or girls will love this very cool instant photo printer!
This pocket-sized Bluetooth®-enabled printer takes the pics from your phone’s camera roll and prints them onto self-adhesive photo paper, for instant stickers.

#6 Home for the Holidays Road Trip Kit

Just a handy kit with some road trip essentials.

#7 Jack and Carry Set

My boyfriend loves Jack Black products, this was actually one of the gifts I got him our first Christmas together. Improve his skin, beard, lips and much more. 

A Nordstrom-exclusive deluxe set featuring four powerful products for skin and hair and one convenient, exclusive travel bag.

#8 Scuff Slipper

Here is a simple, comfy and chic gift. This smart suede slipper is stamped with subtle UGG’s branding.

#9 360º Portable Projector & Content Device

With COVID-19 making us think twice about going to the cinema, this home projector can enchant many movie lovers.
Meet the perfect travel companion: The CINEMOOD 360º is a lightweight, portable smart projector that brings a world of content right to your fingertips.

#10 MINO X Floating Bluetooth® Speaker

Speakers are always very cool and useful. Get clear sound anywhere you need it—including at the pool—with this pocket-sized speaker that uses Bluetooth® to pair with your phone or other media device.

#11 Pop Quiz Backpack

Guys usually love this brand by their simplicity and reliability.
A durable nylon backpack with padded straps, a fleece-lined laptop sleeve and a media pocket ensures your tech gear is protected when you’re on the go.

#12 Essential for Men 18+ Multivitamin

A gift that improves his health is a very lovable gesture. 
A scientifically developed multivitamin for men ages 18–49 to help fill nutrient gaps in your diet and support foundational health.

#13 Sunday Morning Loose Leaf Tea Tin

High quality tea is not only for ladies now a days. This is a blend of premium steamed green tea, strawberry, blackberry leaf, tarragon, holy basil (tulsi) and lemongrass. Smooth and naturally sweet with the added strawberry and stevia leaf, with lemongrass adding a light, citrusy brightness. 

#14 Phone and iPad Touchscreen Cleaner

A very practical yet almost unknown gift that helps you keep your screens clean and free of fingertips.
Keep the screens crystal clear with this smart cleaner that removes smudges with ease.

#15 Kenyan Hibiscus + Moroccan Rose Beauty Butter

My boyfriend has always dry hands and keeps using my hand cream. So I told myself that this year it could be a great extra gift to get him one!
My favourite from 54 THRONES, A nourishing face-and-body butter handcrafted with natural ingredients ethically sourced from cooperatives and artisans across Africa.

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