8 Activewear Trends You Need to Wear This 2021!

8 Activewear Trends You Need to Wear This 2021!

Did you know that wearing sportswear that we actually like improves our sports performance?

That’s completely true: according to a study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, clothing influences behaviour and attitudes because it has a symbolic meaning.

What we actually wear is unconsciously changing the way we behave.
When you wear cute workout clothes, you are not only more likely to be active but those leggings you like so much, and that favorite color training top, will also make you feel more confident in your abilities. This leads to better concentration, motivation and results.

That’s why brands are constantly on the search for innovative, cute designs that appeal to people’s preferences.

Regarding fitness clothes sets for this 2020, I’m sure they will drive you crazy: they perfectly follow the latest trends allowing us to be glamorous even during training.

The activewear trends of the season speak for themselves. The boundary between real sportswear and casual wear is becoming thinner and thinner and less defined, allowing us, on the one hand, to wear gym wear even during our free time and, on the other hand, to feel fashionable even during fitness.

Sportswear garments are dressed in pastel colors and degraded prints, laser cut perforated fabrics, sexy transparencies and visible seams at the right places to bring out the figure.

Let’s see together the activewear trends that  Riviera Coco brand has to offer this 2020 season!
This brans is always offering the latest trends on both swimwear and sportswear. 
They specialize on beachwear and now also offers a line of yoga and fitness sets that made me fall in love.
Quality fabrics, sexy sporty styles and trendy designs to make you feel even more energetic and motivated during your workouts or for an everyday casual look.

1. THE ULTIMATE fashion

Croptop, high-waisted pants, and open belly, but only from the waist up.

It will be really difficult, if not IMPOSSIBLE, to find a yoga set that is not made up of these two pieces and let you see the belly. In fact, this is the starting point from which the brands then play adding colors and other types of trendy details to enhance woman’s silhouettes.


2. Pastel colors

We love pastel colors! Delicate roses, soft oranges, sky-blue,…
This is, without doubt, the most explosive fashion style! Forget about fluorescent this year, bring out the romantic and feminine part of you & dress in pastel tones.


3. Sexy Transparencies

This trend started a few years ago to be more and more present and this year there was a boom. Instead of playing with two colors, to give a different touch to activewear are sexy transparencies along the leg and back. 


4. Colour Grading/ Faded effect

Another trend that I like a lot: color grading is perfect to slim your figure and create an illusion of motion in an elegant way. 

5. Biker Style

Even in casual fashion, the biker shorts are trying to set the trend. The outfits in this style have knee-length trousers and tops with straight straps. We can call it an “essential” style.

6. “Knitted Fabrics” Style

This year the fashion of stitch knitting is back and it is also reflected in the fitness world. classic sports fabrics have a stitch-imitation pattern and we love it! 

7. Perforated Fabrics

We like the effect that laser cut perforations bring on sportswear: cute and sensual, it is a detail that we find especially on the lower leg area.

8. Highlighted Curves

With visible stitching or in a different color: our curves are highlighted to be further enhanced. The secret is to position these details in strategic points to achieve a super push up effect! 

And here we are at the end of the blog.

How do you feel about this year’s activewear trends?
They look great to me!! And what about the Riviera Coco sets!? They are wonderful!

Here you can visit the website! 


Girls, we hope this post about activewear trends will be useful to you. Now it’s your turn: how many of you play sports? Do you only use activewear in the gym or even during your everyday life? Let us know everything in the comments.


Remember to look fabulous and dress daily like you will find the love of your life 😉


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