Laura Brunereau at Marbella Yatch

The Marbella Adventure

Let’s work from paradise! 

Winter in Montreal was so long and cold this year. Tired of the Canadian snow and rain, we decided we needed more Summer adventures! Being our own bosses we agreed to change our lifestyle. And when I mean “a change” it was not a little one. From maple syrup to gazpacho and delicious tapas, no more snow only the warm and incredible “Costa del Sol” sun for a while. 

Travel the world being my own boss, is a dream come true! 


As you may know, we can work remotely from any place we want in the world, running all our different businesses from laptops. Chasing the Andalusian perfect weather, we took one of the best decisions, a well-deserved Summer in Marbella. 

How can I explain this? Well, if you want the beach, perfect climate, a clean and secure city, full of happy shining people, this place is for you. Add it to the top trendy places to go, tons of activities for all tastes, and delicious food at all budgets, making this place a heaven on earth. 

I am simply in love with Marbella. The palm trees, golf courses, boutiques, clubs, yachts and historical places. Come visit the typical “Plaza de Los Naranjos”, eat paella and the traditional churros “Ramón”. Take a walk through “El Paseo Marítimo”, to get stunning Mediterranean views and find the popular “Chiringuito” restaurants.

I am so excited about this Andalusian trip. I will visit as many places as I can, sharing with you all my @BrunereauLaura adventures.

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It's always a pleasure writing for you!


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