When you visit Malaga province in the Andalusian region of Spain, you can’t miss visiting their breathtaking landscapes. From the typical olive trees, sunflowers, wheat fields, and hectares of vine fields, to exotic avocados, mangoes, Mediterranean peaches and lots of delicious Andalusian agricultural products. 


We decided to take a day out to explore nature and enjoy the peace of the countryside. Travelling forty minutes north from Marbella, we discovered the beauty that surrounds the city of Ronda. After a curvy drive in the high forest mountains & fresh pine scent air, the panorama suddenly changed. You start going down the hill, to discover magnificent silver-green olive trees and golden fields full of hay and sunflowers.



The objective was visiting Ronda, but these landscapes captivated our attention. We really felt inspired with the camera, having fun, going with the flow and taking pictures that caught the magic of these Spanish scenes. We decided to explore little villages around Ronda and walk around the fields, to impregnate us with its beauty. 



We wanted to share with you, another perfect warm day with beautiful skies in Andalusia. A lovely day where we explored without any specific plan, just enjoying what we saw, tasted good wine and share what inspired us. From villages, landscapes to vineyards, visiting this place is totally worth it. 

Come to Andalusia and fall in love with its inspiring magic. Taste their local flavours, discover their centuries-old traditions and get their joy of living, all under their always shiny Summer Sun. 

Do you enjoy traveling with me? Let me know which places I need to visit?

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