15 Motivational Quotes For Female Entrepreneurs



Welcome to a new blog! I have prepared some of my favorite quotes for female entrepreneurs, to make you believe in yourself and keep moving towards your dreams.

Today’s post will be dedicated to all strong and hard-working women entrepreneurs. I deeply believe females should empower each other to reach success faster. By speaking to other girl bosses, we can have a better understanding on how’s like to run a company, how to grow and which path to follow. I read once a quote that makes me realize the importance of co-working with other ladies. I will always remember these inspirational words: “Girls Compete With Each Other, But Women Empower Other Women.”

I’m feeling very inspirational today. After all these years as a businesswoman I have encountered many challenges and opportunities. Learning from my success, and even more, from all defeats and mistakes. If you’re a business lady like me, you understand the path to achieving your goals can sometimes become more complicated than you expected. But you know what, there is nothing that you can’t really fix. Because you grow, you learn and you implement new strategies. Always hold your head high, and keep going, no matter what. The path will change but your personal why needs to remain intact. You adapt your goals to every new reality and move forward from there.

What I would like to transmit to you with this writing is that your biggest challenge is actually in YOUR OWN HEAD. Yes, you read well, your biggest enemies are your own fears and negative thoughts. Overcoming each and every scary thing that you encounter should become a daily celebration. Improving your mindset should become your #1 goal in order to achieve each and every simple thing you desire. By improving the way you think, and even more important, by changing the perception you have of yourself, you will drastically pull you forward in your evolution. You need to fill your life with positivity, with options and open your vision  to be able to clearly see all you can accomplish.

If I have one important advice for you is to surround yourself with positive people that make you grow. Find friends that have accomplished what you want to do, people that keep going even on the weakest moments. Keep in your life persons that believe in you and make you clearly see your  inner potential, the ones that make things happen. If you need me, I’m with you, via this blog.

Some of the quotes you will read today are about setting your goals, trusting you and taking inspired action. I want to make you to believe in yourself and expand towards your success.


If you know other business ladies that could need a boost of motivation, share this page with them. You will make a positive impact on their life and will perceive you as a friend that want them to succeed. 

Empower them by sharing this! 


“I’m a woman with goals ”  – Laura Brunereau
“I have what it takes”- Laura Brunereau
“I discovered I actually can” – Laura Brunereau

“If it were easy, everybody would be doing it. Fix your ponytail and try again” – Laura Brunereau


“Be that girl who decided to go for it!” – Laura Brunereau

“Wake up every day and make success happen” – Laura Brunereau

“A new start, a new project, a new dream, always start with a new mindset” – Laura Brunereau

“Surround yourself with positive dreamers that make things happen” – Laura Brunereau

“Change can only be positive if you decide it will. It’s called expansion” – Laura Brunereau

“Build a strong brand by staying true to who you really are” – Laura Brunereau

“You have been waiting for this for a long time. Time to start” – Laura Brunereau

“To start every project from a place of alignment, start by finding your why” – Laura Brunereau

“Success isn’t an end goal; It’s a celebration of every amazing step that takes you there.” – Laura Brunereau

“You are your only limit. Time to expand” – Laura Brunereau

“Better than a dream, call it your life plan” – Laura Brunereau

I love writing this motivational blog for you, and even more fun designing these cute inspirational quotes. If you like them, I invite you to share them with your friends. Pin them on Pinterest or post them on your Facebook or Instagram. You can even use the images as background picture in your mobile device.

If this writing generated any good on you and made you smile, shine or want to take action, please share it with me in the comments. This simple but powerful action will make me write even more texts like this one.


Sending you light and strength from this part of the planet!

It's always a pleasure writing for you!


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