unexpected color trends

Spring 2020 Color Trends You Don’t Expect

Spring 2020 Color Trends You Don’t Expect

Hello, everybody!
This is the third and last part of the topic ” Spring 2020 Color Trends” and it’s about…unexpected colors!
Yes, because when I saw, months ago, the most prestigious high fashion brands presenting their collection for this spring-summer 2020, I saw many colours that we usually wear in colder seasons.


dark bottle green, a cinnamon red, a warm sand or a cozy grey…What season do these colours make you think of?
I associate them with autumn and its landscapes. Not to mention the mustard tone!  Even if this spring’s Pantone is a warmer and brighter mustard, it is still a shade you always wear on October-November!  
And what about this violet’s unexpected return? It had been out of fashion for years and he has come back to stay. But the difference with the other years is that before it was a purely autumnal/winter color. 
In the list, you can find also a  soft, cold, yellow shade but this is perhaps the least unusual of all the shades listed so far.
I’ve found some pretty things to buy with these 2020 Pantone’s colours . Select which accessories will be perfect add ons to your wardrobe.
Don’t miss some outfits  ideas with these unusual spring shades you’re going to love! I wanted to give you an idea of how to match the colours with your cute casual outfits, so scroll down to discover some creative looks ideas 😉 
If you want to discover all the other trends for this Spring 20202, don’t miss my previous posts,  “ Pink, orange and red trend accessories for this spring 2020”  and  ” Blue Tones – Color Trends For Your Spring Outfit 2020

Let’s start!
*Pics of Pantones credits: Glowsly

#1. Pantone 19-0323 Chive

unexpected color trends

Outfit Ideas with Pantone 19-0323 Chive

#2. Pantone 16-3802 Ash

unexpected color trends

Outfit Ideas with  Pantone 16-3802 Ash

#3. Pantone 14-1064 Saffron

unexpected color trends

Outfit Ideas with Pantone 14-1064 Saffron

#4. Pantone 18-3513 Grape Compote

unexpected color trends

Outfit Ideas with Pantone 18-3513 Grape Compote

#5. Pantone 11-0622 Yellow Iris

unexpected color trends

Outfit Ideas with Pantone 11-0622 Yellow Iris

#6. Pantone 16-1324 Lark

unexpected color trends

 Outfit Ideas with Pantone 16-1324 Lark

#7. Pantone 18-1345 Cinnamon Stick

unexpected color trends

Outfit Ideas with Pantone 18-1345 Cinnamon Stick

Do you like these unusual colour trends? Which one are you going to wear this spring?

I think I’m going to ” exhume ” something purple that I’ve had in my closet for several years… and I like the cinnamon stick color a lot, it will be easy to match with some corals, perfect for spring!


Please, leave me a comment and tell me if you liked this post about Spring 2020 colour trends. Read my two previous posts to discover the totality of Pantone trends for this year. 

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