adventurous spring break

What to pack for an adventurous – but fashion – Spring Break

What to pack for an adventurous – but fashion – Spring Break 

Hello Spring Breakers!
It’s that time of the year! Spring Break!
Ready to leave the study and work behind and go relaxing and enjoying life?
If you’re not a party girl and prefer to spend the day sunbathing, playing sports, hiking but not giving up on fashion, don’t miss this post! 
In this blog, we’ll see all things you absolutely need to pack for an adventurous but still fashionable spring break vacay. 

Usually, it’s recommended to only bring outfits for a couple of days and the most comfortable ones, but, come on, it’s spring break. You want to look at your best, so, pack everything that makes you feel fantastic, fill the luggage, it doesn’t matter if it’s gonna weight a lot or you’re gonna have a hard time closing it. You’ll find a way to bring it all.

Remember to pack some bikinis and beachwear: something cute and comfortable at the same time. Beach bag, sunglasses, and flip-flops are beachwear essentials too, don’t forget them!
 For some excursions in nature, you’ll need a backpack and some sneakers.

 Here are our top essential items to pack:

1) Nice but smart bikini

Choose a comfortable, light and small swimsuit to get as much sun as possible. It will be perfect for the most “relaxing” days when you will enjoy a sunbath.

2) A monokini or one-piece suit 

You can choose a more complete one for the more sporting activities: surfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, beach volleyball… in this way you can move freely without worries or sunburns if you pick a rashguard with sleeves.

3) Comfy cute dresses 

Lunch on the beach or dinner in town? A nice but simple and comfortable casual dress is what you need. 

4) Beach Coverups

Wear it over your wet bikini, use it to move from one beach to another: a cover up is similar to a dress but much lighter and more comfortable. Very useful for a quick change from the pool to the restaurant.

5) Cute backpack

 Put your bag aside and take a backpack with you everywhere: your hands will be free to take pictures and the weight of what you carry will be better distributed. You will get less tired than carrying a bag and it will be much more practical.

6) Beach bag

A large and comfortable bag that fits a towel at least. There are all kinds and shapes, but prefer one made of straw fabric that is easy to fold and fit into your suitcase without any problems.

7) Light and comfortable sneakers

If you want to go for a walk or a hike, you are going to need some really comfortable and light sneakers, forget about the heavy and giant sneakers fashion trend. Think about practical, cute and ultra comfortable shoes.


8) Flip-Plops

Needless to say, for the beach or tired feet, slippers are the best. Even better if they are absolutely cute and on sale like the ones I prepared for you. 

9) Sunglasses

They protect your eyes from the sun and make you super fashionable. A real MUST.

And here we are, ready for the Spring Break! 

Please, leave me a comment and tell me if you liked this post about what to pack for an adventurous but fashion Spring break. Did I forgot any fashionable essentials? 

Was this blog useful?

Enjoy this Spring Break!


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