25 Inspirational Positive Affirmations to be Successful

Hello! It’s time to attract abundance to your life.
Today’s blog post is a little different from the others, I will be sharing with you my secret list of affirmations I use daily to remind me how successful and abundant I can be.
If you have been following me for a while you know I am a business woman, and for me a positive MINDSET is the real key to attract all the fantastic things I want to achieve in this life. 

  I am a firm believer in “The Law of Attraction” (LOA). This concept arrived at me in 2013, and since then my life has been completely transformed in all the positive ways you can imagine. The more I apply the LOA rules the faster I get the manifestations I need to keep growing.  
If you want me to tell you more about what LOA has done for me, I will be glad to share with you all my tips and tricks. Tell me in the comments. 
Today, I want to share with you one of my secrets to always feel good and positive. Te remind me all I can achieve, and that I am worth it. 

The “positive thinking” thought positive affirmations has made miracles with me

Reality always exists depending on who is looking at it. Our thoughts are capable of transforming what we see. Our attitude toward life can determine how we live it.

We can have two different perceptions of the same reality, depending on whether we look at it positively or negatively. This attitude is what can also place us on the path to success or keep us far from our dreams. It’s our choice, and only we can decide which path to take. Achieving the goals we pursue depends on us and how we value what we are achieving.

Transforming negative thoughts into positive ones is possible. By doing so you not only focus your mind on your goals, on peace and happiness but also the emotional well-being you acquire is translated into physical well-being

Start think positive, it’s really the first step of your path to success! 
It’s time for me to share all this with you. I created a series of very cute and peaceful quote style images, that will boost your confidence, motivation and will give you the dose of self-belief you need to achieve your goals and dreams.  
Enjoy my 25 quotes about positive thinking to achieve success and what you want in life: repeat them every day, add them as a phone background and you will see that slowly things will really start to change. Share them with your friends too, by doing so they will also perceive you as a motivator that wants them to grow and achieve success and happiness.  
Don’t forget to pin them on your Pinterest boards using the red icon on every pic. 
 I hope you like them as much as I do 💕
I am successfully living up to my full potential. 

I am making the world a better place by being a positive, powerful influence.


I’m grateful for my financial success


 I am living the dream!


As I allow more abundance into my life, more doors open for me.


 I love who I am and I naturally attract people who respect me as a unique individual.


I have an endless supply of new ideas that help me become more and more successful.


I am free of stress and thrive under pressure.


 I have released all limiting beliefs about my ability to succeed.


I think big and dream big without reservation.


 I am creating a life of abundance and happiness.


I always expect a positive outcome and naturally attract good results.


 I take pride in my ability to make worthwhile contributions to the world.


 I set high standards for myself and always live up to my expectations.


I attract brilliant mentors who graciously share their wisdom and guidance.


 I step outside of my comfort zone with courage and confidence.


I am a patient listener and an effective communicator.


I am grateful for all the abundance flowing into my life.


I trust my intuition and am always guided to make wise decisions.


I stay focused on my vision and pursue my daily work with passion.


Every day is filled with new ideas that inspire and motivate me.


I excel in all that I do, and success come easily to me.


Every day I dress for success in body, mind, and spirit.


The more successful I become, the more confident I feel.


I consistently attract just the right circumstances at just the right time. 

It's always a pleasure writing for you!


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