20 Love Moschino Spring New Arrivals

Lovers of the Love Moschino brand, this post is all for you!

So many beautiful things have arrived at my shop, you’re going to fall in love with all of them.

I love them all: some are simpler, others are in all Moschino style with lots of hearts and embroideries, others are super cute with quilted textures and flowers, and some with studs and metallic chains are perfect to rock your spring!


Moschino is an Italian luxury fashion house. The brand was originally created in 1983 by the late Franco Moschino (1950–1994). Moschino and his fashion label became famous for his innovative, colourful – sometimes eccentric – designs.


For those who don’t know the brand, Love Moschino is the “young” line of the brand of runways. It is a “prêt à porter” more affordable line, that allows us to enjoy this innovative brand’s designs. Fashionistas worldwide can proudly wear their styles without breaking the bank.


Moschino promotes the use of eco-leather and a casual and very fun style characterizes it. Hearts and stars are often present on their designs. 


The collection colours are the ones the brand has got us used to: red, black, white and beige/nude, but the wallets and bags models are came also in pink and they are absolutely beautiful!


And here we are, ready to see the new models for this season?
Love Moschino Bags

1. Love Moschino – Small Black Crossbody Bag

2. Love Moschino – Red Studs Backpack 

3. Love Moschino – Pink Clutch

4. Love Moschino – Black Studs Shoulderbag

5. Love Moschino – Red Studs Wallet

6. Love Moschino – Beige Crossbody Bag 

7. Love Moschino – Black Clutch

8. Love Moschino – White Backpack

9. Love Moschino – Pink Wallet

10. Love Moschino – Black Backpack

11. Love Moschino – Starry Red Crossbody Bag 

12. Love Moschino – Nude Wallet

13. Love Moschino – Black Starry Crossbody Bag

14. Love Moschino – White Laced Shoulder bag

15. Love Moschino – Black Wallet

16. Love Moschino – Red Backpack

17. Love Moschino – Golden Clutch

18. Love Moschino – Small Black Studs Crossbody Bag

19.  Love Moschino – Beige Wallet

20. Love Moschino – Shopping Bag

Oh, how beautiful! 

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