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Taylor Swift’s Shoes!

23+ Total White Fall Outfit Trend

Taylor Swift’s lovers get ready to fall in love!

Today’s blog is different from the others: we are going to copy your favourite celebrity’s shoes.


 Dear Taylor, I adore your heels.


I totally love how she wears those high heels, with those long legs and that cool style. Her outfits are amazing and well polished. She always goes well-dressed, both with casuals and more formal looks.


In no time I was able to find fashion styles amazingly similar to those worn by Taylor in her daily and events outfits. I just can’t wait to get my hands in these pairs of shoes start making Taylor Swift’s inspired looks. 

So here they are: a selection of Taylor Swift shoes that you can copy… buying them at the best price at LuxeFashionBlog.com

1. Blue decolleté

2. Classic Red Decolleté

3. Black Ankle Boot

4. Black Suede Pumps

6. Yellow Ballet Flat

7. Red Laced Shoes 

8. Black Decolleté

9. Black Sandals

10. Black Pointy Shoes 

11. Grey Sandals

12. Beige Sandals with plateau 

And that’s all, girl! Ready to steal Taylor Swift style? Grab a cute dress, copy her hairstyles or any of her amazing outfits. Either with casual or elegant styles, Taylor is continuously inspiring us. She is “Avant-garde” and definitely an important trend setter.

Which heels did you like the most? Which do you think are the most similar?

Please, leave me a comment and tell me if you liked this post about Taylor Swift Shoes!

Was this blog useful? Let me know which other celebrities styles you want me to copy. Maybe the Kardashians? Jenner? Katy Perry? or maybe a fashion influencer?

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