15 Floral Dresses for your Boho Summer Outfits

If just like me, you love all the looks boho you see on Instagram during the Coachella festival, don’t miss this post!

I’ll show you 15 Boho Outfits with floral dresses and accessories that are a must for your 2020 summer. 

You can either copy my bohemian beach look or get inspired by the other 15 gypsy outfits I created for you!

summer floral dresses

So, It’s well known: there’s no summer without flower patterns. The trends of the season do not neglect the classic of the new season and the truth is that, no matter how many years we repeat the print, a beautiful floral dress (or skirt) will never be a cliché or go out of fashion.

Floral long dresses are back this summer 2020 with a new touch: the BOHO look is back, with a CHIC accent.

What is this ‘boho chic’ trend?

In a style in which prints are the great protagonists, immaculate white works weel too, for example. Many flowers, fringes always hanging, designs from far away lands, and an eternal garden of flowers. That’s what you’ll wear with hats, necklaces of different types and lengths, and feathers everywhere.

This is definetly the most bohemian and romantic summer of the last seasons.

summer floral dresses

Bohemian, dreamy, romantic… that’s how I felt about this outfit at the beach.

It was a beautiful summer afternoon and the temperature was amazing.

I love adapting my style to every situation, I curled my hair with natural beach waves, grabbed a cute simple beach dress and adorned my hair.

It was perfect.

summer floral dresses

I combined this casual floral dress from Riviera Coco with a net bag from MANGO and a simple hair accessory made of sea shells.

summer floral dresses

This shooting was actually really fun. Playing by the beach is always relaxing, well… escaping from the waves to get the perfect shot while making sure the camera stays dry, was sporty. JL did a great job capturing this magical summer moment.

summer floral dresses

To get the perfect light we arrived around an hour previous to sunset. We were able to capture enchanting scenes with the waves, the sand and sun light behind the palm trees.

Here’s how to copy my outfit!

First of all my dress!!!

These bags are ideal for the beach since you can remove all the sand on it veary easy.

lovely hair band accessory can make all the difference, transforming a simple outfit into a stylish one.


In the photos, they don’t show, but i was wearing these classic flat strappy sandals from  MANGO.


This kind of dress with flat shoes. Whether you wear a dress, a skirt or trousers, and whether you choose strappy sandals, white shoes or flip-flops, always go flat if you want to go BOHO CHIC.

Ready for my selection of dress and accessories in a perfect BOHO CHIC Style?

Here we go! 

My total favourite is #7. What do you think? 

1. Green Field Outfit

A wheat field, a gentle sunset and a super cute outfit. Wear this boho chic green dress with many jewels and a wooden bag.

2. Sexy Blue Outfit

Who says a romantic look can’t be sexy? This blue dress is the perfect mix between romantic and sexy, thanks to the side opening. Striking without being excessive.

3. Dreamy Chich Outfit

We move into an ideal world with this coachella-style outfit. The silk dress with these pastel colors is perfect with a golden hair accessory as it gives it a chic touch.

4. Fairy-Tale Lavander Outfit

The typical fairy tale dress: I love it!

Purple color in this tone is ultra fashionable this year. Wear it with lots of golden rings and pink sandals. 

5. Lilac Ruffles Outfit

A short dress with a boho soul thanks to all the ruffles and little flowers. It looks great with lots of accessories and a big hobo bag.

6. Orange Power Outfit

Perhaps a little less romantic but very nice and above all very cheerful. It looks great with black accessories.

7. Tropical Vibes Outfit

I see this dress and I think of a vacation in a tropical beach. I see it well with golden or brightly colored accessories. 

8. Floral Softness Outfit

A delicate floral dress that looks great with a nude hair band and brown strappy sandals. 

9. Cute Hippie Outfit

Coachella, I’m coming! 

This hippie style with leather and studs sandals and is super trendy and totally boho chic.

10. Happy Yellow Outfit

This is one of the most elegant and chic dresses in my selection. I would put it with some white sandals and pearl details. 

11. Paisley Print Outfits

A boho chic look more casual than all the others: I like the color and I imagine myself with it having a drink in a bar by the beach…

12. Oriental Chic

This dress makes me think of Morocco, to perfumes and colors from the Orient. I love the print and the mix of bright red-white-dark red colors.

13. Jungle Fever Outfit

An outfit inspired by the jungle, a bit wild that turns into boho chic with a wooden bag and a hair accessory. 

14. Pastel Tones Outfit

When we think of a “romantic” outfit, first we think of pastel colors, like those of this knotted flower dress. 

15. Charming Beach Outfit

Ready to go to the beach? But of course, with a super chic outfit. Don’t forget your bag and straw hat. 
I hope you got inspired looking at these bohemian chic outfits for summer I collected for you! 💕
Leave a comment telling me which outfits did you liked the most!

In love with this Boho vibes …


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