beach summer essentials

20 Beach Summer Essentials I’m Crazy About

20 Beach Summer Essentials I’m Crazy About

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I’m packing for some days at the beach and that’s why I thought it was a fantastic idea to show you what are my 20+ Beach Summer Essential. 

But before we start, wait a sec… If you like Tie Dye Print,  don’t miss my previous post! 

When I go on holiday to the beach I always take some Beach Summer Essentials that I cannot give up.
Swimsuits, dresses, accessories… Besides, I always like to go fashion so I never pack the first things I find.

I usually start packing a week in advance thinking about everything I might need or want to wear if I don’t know if I’ll have the chance to wear it (like some very WOW or elegant garments I spontaneously buy because it makes me crazy in love… but then I never know when to wear it. )


BRANDING EXPERT TIP: Even on vacation you need to care about what your outfits express about you. Travelling is a great way to meet new people, and remember that your clothing is part of the non verbal language that expresses who you are. Make sure to project the best in you and how you want to be perceived.


You never know who you will meet!
beach summer essentials
beach summer essentials
beach summer essentials
beach summer essentials

In the last shooting, I was wearing this beautiful Beach Cover Up From …

 and a straw hat I’m in love with, very similar to this one from TOPSHOP

 And this pretty Balmain Sunglasses from Saks Fifth Avenue

Girls, let me show you my 20 Beach Summer Essential I usually bring with me on vacation!

They are all from  Riviera Coco and TOPSHOP 😉

Here they go! 

1. A Black Bikini

You need to have sexy black bikini in your wardrobe. Black is the “Passe partout” color: never go out of fashion, perfect with every skin tone, and super chic.

2.  A White Bandeau Bikini

Especially at the end of summer, when I already have very tanned skin, this swimsuit looks beautiful and highlights my gold skin tone. A must. 

3. A sexy Swimsuit

To go to a chic pool party, an aperitif or cocktail party by the beach. This sexy multi way one-piece swimsuit is just elegant and perfect. 

4. Temporary Gold Tattoos

I wear them every year for a boho chic look, I love them. If you don’t wear gold temporary tattoos in summer by the beach, then when?

5. Body Chains

Body or hip chains add a sexy, romantic touch to your swimsuits. Riviera Coco offers multiple styles. Beautiful!

6. Cute Boho Rings

These silver rings are so beautiful! For the boho lovers, these gypsy styled rings are a must. 

7. Straw Hat

Every time I wear a hat like that on the beach I feel like a diva. It’s not suitable for girls who want to go unnoticed 🙂

8. Trendy Sunglasses

Very trendy chic and cheap sunglasses.
I always take two pairs of them on my luggage.  First, my favourite ones from an expensive brand and then a very nice and fashionable but cheaper pair so I don’t have to worry about them getting scratched or stained with the sans and salty water.

9. White Beach Covers Up

Wear it over your wet bikini, use it to move from one beach to another: a cover up is similar to a dress but much lighter and more comfortable. Very useful for a quick change from the pool to the restaurant.

 10.  Crochet With Tassels Long Cardigan

When it starts to get dark and that cool breeze starts at the beach, I love to wear a crochet cardigan like this one. 

11. Beach Dresses 

Essential: a summer dress for daytime parties, whether at the pool, the beach or a beach club. You can choose a more covering one or another a little “lighter”, depending on the location. A must item to pack every time!

12. Fabulous Long Dress 

We always need beautiful dresses to wear on those fancy events I always expect to have during my vacations. And well, if it doesn’t come up, I usually look for it! 😉 It does not need to be an expensive dress, just fabulous like this one. 

I used this one on my previous blog “10+ Chic Outfits For a Glam Yacht Party“. Click HERE to discover my whole outfit.

13. Fashion Flip-Plops

Needless to say, for the beach or tired feet, slippers are the best. Even better if they are absolutely cute and fashionable.

14. Cute Yoga Set

I always have one in my suitcase for a little sport or yoga session at the beach. Or simply to travel more comfortable by train or car during my vacay. 

15. Colorful Headband

I love salty hair that stays on after a day at the beach and there is nothing better than putting a cute headband on it to put all in order, without losing that magical sea hair style. 

16. Straw Beach Bag

I love straw beach bags. They never go out of style and they’re pure summer. I like them big so everything I might need throughout the day can fit, specially on vacations travelling around. I am the kind of girl that gets ready for ALL the possible unexpected situations, lots of stuff to carry around. 

17. Demin Shorts

High waist denim shorts are a must for summer. They match with everything and you can simply wear them on top of your bathing suits. 

18.  Crochet Top Cropped 

Crop Tops are the summer trend of the last few years. Girly, sexy and fresh, if this trend suits your body type, what are you waiting to wear them?

19. Shell Accessories

Year 2019: there was not a single person on the beach without some accessory with shells. And this year the trend continues! I like the anklets and also the necklaces combined with other golden ones. 

20. Embroidered Border Cardigan

I like this kind of cardigan because it’s really versatile, I can use it at the beach or with cute summer outfits. It also works as home kimono over my pyjamas or as light cover up to cover yourself when the beach humidity gets colder by the end of the day.

I hope you enjoy this blog and the Beach Summer Essentials I choose for it! 
What about you? Which are your essentials when you go on holiday? Tell me in a comment below!
I will keep creating trendy outfits for you. 
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Sending you lots of LOVE! Enjoy the SUMMER!


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