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Dress Up Your iPhone & Laptop With Style – In Love With BURGA Phone Cases

Dress Up Your iPhone & Laptop With Style – In Love With BURGA Phone Cases

Welcome to a very special blog, a collaboration with one of the trendiest case brands of the moment. Stay with me to discover it’s latest Summer collection.
Hi! I’m Laura Brunereau, fashion blogger, branding expert and business woman with more than 15 years working on the fashion & apparel industry.
 Today I want to show you these AMAZING phone cases from the international brand BURGA.
Way before starting this collab I loved and used their products. Chiara and I are crazy for their trendy styles and you probably saw my Burga.com Macbook and iPhone cases in my previous blogs. It’s definitely my favourite phone cases brand since last year, when I found out their Instagram Profile and discovered their beautiful designs. I got my first products and WOW!
I remember telling myself: “You finally found a phone cases brand that offers real HIGH QUALITY products.”  
And today, after one year, I’m very happy to announce that this is my first COLLAB with the @BURGA company!!!  
burga cases
BURGA send me 4 gorgeous cases from their new Shades of Earth  Collection, inspired by nature’s textures and tones. 
Also, today is day #2 of my #FashionChallenge where I will be doing 365 days in a row of trendy fashion outfits with LiketoKnow.it/LuxeFashionBlog. Follow me also on my personal LTK page www.LiketoKnow.it/BrunereauLaura.
 Keep posted for daily inspo and in my next blog I will be showing you this post’s complete outfit. 
burga cases
Nude and earthy pastels, charming leaves, strong but beautiful and harmonious textures: this is how the 9 new designs look from their Shades of Earth Collection. 

The Cases

Time for a touch of GLAM!
Convert your everyday device into a fashion accessory. BURGA phone cases are ultra-thin, non-bulky, and designed to deliver high protection while complementing your style. 
You can choose two different levels of protection: the Snap Case or the Tough one. The Snap cases are made of hard plastic (polycarbonate), and our Tough cases are dual-layer, made of shock-absorbing TPU inside and outside is hard plastic(polycarbonate) shell.
I always choose the Tough one, because I want the best protection for my iPhone. 
¿And what about the design? A M A Z I N G. No more words are needed.
BURGA cases never lose their shine and are totally anti-scratch. In one year I’ve been using mine, it still doesn’t have a scratch on it’s surface and it has saved my phone on more than one occasion. 
Buying with BURGA is getting a trendy peace of mind.
burga cases

How you receive them?


I got them in a black shipping envelope and inside I found 4 little black velvet bags. In each one was a mobile phone case.

The bags are so beautiful that I surely reuse them to store jewelry or sunglasses. 


Shades Of Earth Collection

“Wander into the lush nature. Discover all the enchanting Shades of Earth. Admire soothing motives of flourishing leaves. Earthy vibes will complete any look and will bring serene feel wherever you go.”
 So now I show you the flat lay shooting done to the covers I’ve received. 
The Designs I chose from Burga’s new collection are:

Gentle Wind

A sandy gold and light blue marble effect case, like a warm breath of summer wind. 

So Lush

Green big leaves and pink background for refined tropical vibes from a balinese landscape.


A rock texture of warm stone, so real that it’s like you can touch it. A hot Sahara colour palette that makes you feel the summer vibes. 

Sand Castle

Like sheets of a precious stone, a jewel of the earth that will enchant you.
With these cases, your mobile phone becomes a fashionable element of your outfit and this is the philosophy that wants to convey the brand on their social media. I will keep showing them in my upcoming blogs. Keep Posted!

This collab made me very excited and proud.
I love these cases and I can promise you that the quality is premium, the designs are super fashionable and the customer service is great.
What do you think about Burga? Do you have a Burga case? And if yes, do you love them as much as I do? Tell me in a comment below! 
Visit BURGA’s 👉Instagram and 👉Website 
Discover all their amazing cases, more than 100 different designs.
Remember to share your pics with @BurgaOfficial and @LuxeFashionBlog tagging us on your pics or by adding #Burga & #LuxeFashionBlog on your captions. 
My lovely fashionistas it is always a pleasure writing for you!
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Repeat with me: I’m a strong & happy woman!


My lovely fashionistas it is always a pleasure writing for you!
Follow me on LIKE TO KNOW IT to get more outfits content and girl boss motivation. 
I have both a personal and blog page.

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