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45 Cute Spring Outfits Ideas with Black Bags

45 Cute Outfits Ideas For Spring with Black Bags

Welcome Again Fashion Lovers! 
 I have collected for you the best spring-summer outfits with black bags.

Black bags are a must, and above all, very easy to combine.
Maybe they are not the most springtime accessory, but we all have one at least in the closet and I am sure that it will combine perfectly with many outfits for the season.

In today’s blog, you will find outfits for spring with different types of black bags: handbags, shoulder bags, some bigger and some smaller.
I’m sure you will find a perfect look to copy that matches perfectly with your favourite bag and with what you have in your closet.

I have selected bags that perfectly match the outfits in the pictures in case you fall in love with some of them… and I’m sure you will 😘



1. Big Black Handbags

Big and spacious, your whole world fits in it!
Perfect for those who prefer to have everything with them when they leave home, just in case it’s needed. 

2. Medium Black Handbags

Spacious but not too much and a little more discreet than the previous type.

It is definitely one of the most used bag styles in the recent years and they have definitely taken the place of the larger handbags that are no longer so fashionable.

3. Small Black Crossbody Bags

For the “only essentials” type of girls.

In the small ( not mini! ) crossbody-bags fits the essential: the phone, the keys, the wallet and if you want, the sunglasses. Super fashionable! 

4. Small Black Shoulder Bags 

A revival of the ’90s. In 2020, small shoulder bags are back in fashion. Do you like them? 

5. Black Clutches

Timeless clutches! A must that has gone from being unquestionably for elegant occasions to giving a touch of fashion to the most casual outfits. 

6. Medium Black Shoulder/Crossbody Bags

A type of bag loved by luxury fashion designers like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. The shoulder bag turns into a crossbody, the size is medium so that it fits everything you need.
It’s a real icon.  

7. Black Small Backpacks

Cute little backpack! 
There are all kinds but I liked these models: very discreet and you can carry them like a bag.

Black Bags are a must!


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