Cute & Sexy Red Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

red outfits

Cute & Sexy Red Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas Only four days for St Valentine’s, I started looking in my wardrobe if there is something cute in red colour for my date with JL.  I realized, as every year, that my excitement to celebrate this day is way higher than my boyfriend’s. Let me give you a tip, express […]

15 Lovely Valentine’s Day Pink Outfit Ideas From Nordstrom

pink outfit

15 Lovely Valentine’s Day Pink Outfit Ideas From Nordstrom  As February starts we can all feel that “LOVE IS IN THE AIR”. We find pink and red products all around and cute hearts everywhere.  For me Valentine’s day is not only about romantic love but also about loving ourselves and the good friends and family members we […]

17 Gorgeous Hair Accessories For Your New Year Party

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17 Gorgeous Hair Accessories For Your New Year Party Ladies it’s time to look fabulous!  A new year is about to start and as every year we want to begin it with the “right foot” feeling and looking at our best, wishing this will attract good luck and prosperity to our lives the upcoming year.   I kept thinking which blog […]

12 Amazing Dresses For New Year’s Eve

new years dresses

12 Amazing Dresses For New Year’s Eve Let’s dress up!This year more than ever, after all the social distancing, the masks hiding our faces when we go out and lots of time at home, we have been in a less makeup, less dress up situation. I don’t know you but I crave about making myself pretty […]

Taylor Swift’s Shoes!

taylor swift shoes

23+ Total White Fall Outfit Trend Taylor Swift’s lovers get ready to fall in love! Today’s blog is different from the others: we are going to copy your favourite celebrity’s shoes.  Dear Taylor, I adore your heels. I totally love how she wears those high heels, with those long legs and that cool style. Her outfits are […]

12 White Beach Outfits to Receive Spring Equinox

Tradition says it’s better to wear white clothes during Spring equinox.

At Riviera Coco we want you to start this Spring season not only filled with positive energy but also to look stunning by wearing the latest trends. I prepared for you today a really cute selection of dresses, cover ups and outfits to receive Spring equinox in style. You will feel fresh and comfortable wearing these cute casual dresses.

10 Tropical & Flamingo Ideas For The Perfect Pool Summer Party

In today’s episode, I prepared for you a list of simple and cheap things you can make, or buy, for an outstanding tropical flamingo and pineapple pool party. If you are feeling some inspiration to throw an elegant Hawaiian luau celebration, a girls’ night, or you are a fabulous mom and need to prepare some easy DIY crafts for your kid’s birthday party, all is covered on this blog.

15 Pics For Flamingo Lovers Inspiration – Flamingos Paradise

Pinterest is loaded with cute flamingo cake recipes, flamingo diy’s, flamingo party decor, flamingo cups, you got it… Flamingos Everywhere! Statistics are amazing, tens of millions of flamingo related searches are made per month on Pinterest. It proves that we have developed a strong love of these beautiful tropical animals.

I am making this sunny blog, loaded with flamingos.

10 Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Ocean

Here are 10 lifestyle choices that I invite you to implement. Luckily, when adopted, these smaller changes can help protect and even restore our oceans and ecosystems for future generations.

Let’s help save the ocean all together!


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