10 Fun & Creative Easy Beach Poses Ideas

Hello My Dear Riviera Coco Travellers!

Let’s talk today on how to take amazing pics while you are on vacation by the beach. I will give you today some travel inspired photography ideas and pose photography tips to find the beat poses for your vacay pictures.

We all want to travel the world with our family or friends and take breathtaking pics to remember and post on social media, especially on Instagram. Go find beautiful summer outfits and get ready for the basics of traveling photography. I found so many cute photos poses that you can easily take while you travel the world.

We got the idea to help you find pictures poses ideas, so you can feel proud of yourself on those travel pics. For us in Riviera Coco one of the most important aspects is help you fall in love with yourself, bring out your confidence and become the strong woman you dream to be. After all, outfits only complete your outer beauty, but what really shines is the inner you. Confidence in yourself is essential, add some practice on your cute pic poses, plus the beautiful travel backgrounds, and voilà! you have magical travel pictures. 


 From breathtaking sunsets and ever-changing lighting to inviting sandy beaches and lush vegetation, traveling can give you ideal picture backgrounds. 


I hope you will have fun practicing and enjoy my travel tips and tricks for perfect travel photos. 

Good photo shoot!


The beach presents us with an unlimited amount of photo opportunities. I want to give you my basic tips before showing you the poses ideas I prepared for you. 

#1 Follow the easy rule of thirds. This is a composition technique that is super fast to learn and just as easy to apply to your images to help you create better photos. You can create a stronger, more interesting photo by just applying this. This rule places your points of interest on invisible intersecting points and lines. When composing your shot simply imagine a Tic-Tac-Toe grid (some cameras include this visual feature). Now, simply compose your shot so your main focal points are positioned on, or close to, one of the four intersecting lines or, if that’s not possible, then positioned along one of the lines.

#2 Try to capture your shots during what we call the “magic hours”. This means while the light intensity and directions are perfect to light up your face and body in a harmonious way. This for sure is after sunrise and just before sunset time. You can also find some shade places where light is more diffuse during peak hours. 

#3 Get creative! Don’t be shy and just start practicing. Trust me, what seems difficult and impossible now, will become easy and normal with just some practice. The desire to improve yourself and become a more talented woman in all that you do is essential for success in every aspect of your life. 

Ok, ok. I will stop the theory and give you the shots!

Here are some beautiful photo ideas and cute pic poses. They are all simple and easy to recreate. Post them on insta and tag us @RivieraCoco, I will be so happy to see this blog was useful for you. 

I’ll also tag for you all the outfits that are available in Riviera Coco. 

Enjoy 😉



#1 – Use A Palm Leaf

🌺Model is wearing 👉🏻 Hawaii Tropical Leafs Pink Bikini

#2 – Go Out Of The Pool

🌺Model is wearing 👉🏻 Barcelona White Corset Style Monokini

#3 – The Upside Down Pic On The Sand

🌺Model is wearing 👉🏻 Sorrento Black Elegant Monokini

 #4 – A Pic With Your Bestie

🌺Models are wearing 👉🏻Anaheim Vibrant Red & Blue Bikinis

#5 – Ride A Flamingo Floatie

🌺Pool Float 👉🏻Pink Cute Flamingo Floatie

#6 – Hide Behind A Tropical Leaf

🌺Model is wearing 👉🏻Kapolei Tropical Leafs Monokini

 #7 – Pose By The Rocks

 🌺Model is wearing 👉🏻 Cannes Black Lace Monokini

#8 – Look At The Horizon

 🌺Model is wearing 👉🏻Champagne Beach Lace Bikini

#9 – Play With Your Hair

🌺Model is wearing 👉🏻Bonifacio Tropical Pink And Blue Monokini

#10 – Boho Pic With Temporary Beach Tattoos

🌺Model is wearing 👉🏻 Mytros Bohemian White & Black Bikini


 You want more poses? tell me in the comments.

🔥TIP 👉🏻Pin the images on Pinterest, so you have them all on your phone while you will be traveling.

I hope this blog was useful to make your vacation memories last forever. I had so much fun writing it. 

Tell me which tip was useful and if you want me to write more about this. 


Love you, my dear friend. See you on your next travel adventure! 



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